By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Fee agreement means big tax break for Hampton Lumber; commissioners say local districts would receive more money

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Sounds like sleight of hand to me. Re-allocating the service fee doesn’t change the loss of tax revenue to the county. The final paragraph sums up the impact of the Hampton tax break.

Fern leaves

Oh sure. And if you believe that, I have a nice bridge in Florida I'll be glad to sell you too.


And here comes Bigfootlives to blindly defend her benevolent commissioners obvious corrupt decision in 3…2…1….


Living rent-free in liberal's heads. And I'm a him, not a her. How dare you assume my gender.


You really do. Kind of like Bigfoot lives rent free in some people’s minds. A confounding, against nature and science being that one wonders if they are really real. Maybe one day we can sit down at bar, drink a nice aged Pinot and civilly talk civics. But I doubt that will ever happen. Not dissimilar to me ever seeing the real Bigfoot.


Please have some compassion. He's going through some things that drive his compulsion to act out negatively online so please don't make his situation worse than it already is.

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