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FCI guards feel shutdown's impact; Sheridan may be next

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Trump guaranteed that Mexico would be paying for the wall.

Then Trump said that Mexico would be indirectly paying for the wall through his renegotiated NAFTA agreement (which isn't even finalized yet).

Then Trump said that thousands and thousands of terrorists are entering the United States from the southern border. Even though his State Department issued a statement that said there was no credible evidence indicating that international terrorist groups have sent operatives via Mexico into the United States.

Trump said that ex-presidents all told him that they should have built a wall, yet all four living presidents have said they never talked to Trump about building a wall.

Trump claimed that heroin and fentanyl were pouring across the Mexican border. According to Trump's own DEA, the most common method cartels use to transport illegal drugs across the Mexican border is through legal ports of entry and in passenger vehicles.

My mother told me a long-time ago to not lie because it was virtually impossible to keep all the lies straight.

Trump shutdown the government to force the American taxpayer to pay for a wall that the vast majority of us don't want.


Mudstump- Your statement that "vast majority of us don't want" is false. In fact, it is skewed slightly in the other direction.


Mudstump I know for a fact that the vast majority of the people I know want to build the wall. I know several ranchers in Arizona and New Mexico that will sleep better at night knowing illegals and drug cartels aren’t running rampant all over their ranches. Your buddy’s Chuck and Nancy may be tell more lies than anybody in DC.


Ja74 and Jim -- so true. Be careful though - you know who will be setting us all straight soon.


Trump's wall is very popular with his base, but not with the rest of the country. More people oppose the wall than support it.


Well I see how the Democrats and Liberals work now. Nancy doesn’t want the President to give his speech and is willing to leave the country to keep from negotiating so the government can go back to work. That’s about par for the course because that group of people care more about illegal immigrants than their fellow countryman and will go to any unscrupulous means to denigrate our President.


Jim....."will go to any unscrupulous means to denigrate our President."

No one needs to do one thing to expose Trump for the liar and con man that he is....he does a fine job of that all by himself.

Now, when can we expect that check from Mexico?


Funny how Obama, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer and others all wanted a barrier back about five years ago and spoke about how those entering were doing so illegally. They approved about $25 billion and now it's no way. They can't even acknowledge the angel families. Disgusting!

You are correct again Jim. A disgrace.


Have I forgot something? For the past 2 years one party has been in control of the all levels of government. Just recently that party passed a funding bill and it was ready to go but it was refused by the President. Now it is all the other party's fault. It is difficult to keep everything coherent.


Mudstump you’ll probably see that check from Mexico about the same time they lock up Hilary for all of her crooked dealings.

Bill B

So everyone is taking sides and nothing is getting done. In case you haven't noticed, at least in my opinion, these people, on both sides of the aisle, are only about power and influence. Do you really think they represent us or care about us?


How come nobody is talking about ROOF?
What good is WALL without ROOF?

Don Dix

Bill B is correct -- this has nothing to do with what is right or any sort of representation -- it's all about opposition to 'anything the other side proposes'.

This partisan argument is about .001425 of the federal budget -- a small amount when compared to the big picture. And both sides of the issue apparently would rather negatively effect the lives of millions of citizens than acquiesce -- sad, and quite selfish!

Ideally, term limits on Congress would solve so many problems, and require those that have termed out to find out how normal Americans live. At this point, Congress, has no clue!

Jeb Bladine

According to January polling by Pew Research Center, 58% of Americans oppose substantial expansion of the wall along the border with Mexico, and 40% support it. Those numbers are quite different by party: 82% support among Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents, and 93% opposition by Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents.


Keeping the government open has nothing to do with funding for a wall. Trump has decided to hold the government hostage until he forces the American taxpayer to foot the bill. The government could open tomorrow, but Trump and the republicans won't do it.

What if President Obama had said that he would shut down the government until Congress gave him the money for the ACA? Trump wants to circumvent the process and demand that we give him the money for a wall that he promised over and over Mexico would pay for. The truth is that Mexico was NEVER going to pay for the wall. Who didn't know that?


For me, the bigger issue with the wall argument is that it won’t do what proponents say it will do......It will have little impact on illegal immigration as most illegals are on overstayed visas, and will find ways over, under or around any structure. it will have little impact on stopping drug traffic as most drugs come through existing boarder a time when the federal deficit is expanding is it fiscally responsible to spend money on a project with limited usefulness?.....The answer is obvious.


tagup - I agree. We need to take a step back and we need a wall? a wall the most effective way to get the job done? This is why we have a process in place...committees, hearings, expert input, amendments, revisions, etc. I guess that Trump didn't realize that "governing" would be so hard....who knew?

Trump just wants to pound his tiny fists and demand that the taxpayers pay for the wall he promised Mexico would pay for.


As of January 18, 2019 support for the wall is as follows:

40% Pew
43% Quinnipiac
42% ABC/Washington Post
43% Fox News

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