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Excessive heat watch issued for weekend

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[1] Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and do not spend long periods in direct sunlight or even hot shady areas. Keep water on your person 24/7.

[2] While plastic water bottles are not meant to be reused per se, use either an unopened bottle or refill an empty one and stick it in your freezer. Pull it out when frozen and you'll have cold water for quite some time to come and you can use it to be applied to specific areas that need cooling down, like the head, neck, etc....

[3] Set up sprinklers that you and your children can run through and get cooled off from.

[4] Go to the river or the beach. Be sure to have life-vests for anyone going in the water, stay hydrated and curb your alcohol intake as it can contribute to heat exhaustion, stroke or worse.

[5] Make sure your pets have a cool place to stay out from the heat. Provide (daily) clean water that is easily accessible. Keep exercise and outdoor activities to a minimum during peek heat conditions.

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