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Drabkin addresses critics, rumors

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“I am very proud of the work we’re doing.”

I guess the community is confused.

Because it certainly appears nothing is being done as evidenced by the ever growing vagrant camps in town.


Good work. A politician (volunteer) who wanted to work on the airport issue, but got assigned housing and homeless issue who takes her assignment seriously. She has to contend with the whiners and false rumor mongers in trying to deal with a complex and difficult problem.


@ Mike,

You haven’t heard some of her snarky comments to the people she serves.

I’m not impressed.

And good work? That would imply she has achieved something.

She hasn’t.


Progressive governance made San Francisco Seattle and Los Angeles into such wonderful cities.


Spend some time in Birmingham or Jackson and then get back to us....


Nice try tagup. Birmingham and jackson are two dark blue liberal cities in the midst of two deep red states. Check any recent election map that breaks red and blue down to the county level.


Boise & Bozeman?


If she is dishing snarky she is likely dealing with snarky aimed at her. Not to mention the whining and down right false rumor mongering.


tagup it’s alright to be seen Santa Cruz, Bellingham and McMinnville as fine examples of the cancer of progressivism. Would like things in this county to go back to what they were before the cancer spread here from Portland and Wine Country.


Interesting that the city has entered a contract with Champion Team to put three vehicles/tents on the vacant lot on the corner of Layfayette and Riverside.
Porta Potty and garbage recepticle provided..

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