By Dora Totoian • Of The News-Register • 

Downtown restaurants brace for another blow

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I have to ask - why did Brown wait until after the election?


So very sad....

Longmire fan

Large crowds panic buying at the grocery store and taking away the ability for hospitality/service staff to earn a paycheck to support their families seems much safer.


Customers wear masks at grocery stores, but not at bars and restaurants. Crucial difference.



Yes Rotwang everything is political. Why did so many assume it was a great idea to have a Halloween party? Why do people still deny the virus actually exists & again why do so many refuse to wear a mask? Unfortunately a whole lot of selfish, your not going to tell me what I am going to do people are what’s fueling the increase in cases across the country. Believe it or not we are in a pandemic, not political just reality. It’s crazy & sad that our current President is so consumed with trying to win a lost election he has forgotten the most important thing...this damm pandemic which is killing people & closing businesses for good each day.

Don Dix

Where does the true sentiment reside in the mind of Kate Brown and Oregon leaders?

Social gatherings (over 6) are now at risk for citations, fines, or arrests (according to Brown) -- and six months of Portland riots that vandalized, looted, burned, and closed businesses were exempt.

So nightly, blatant criminal activity gets an open-ended pass while Thanksgiving is effectively cancelled with threats of enforcement -- wouldn't you like to hear that explanation?


Not sure why 'Downtown' is in this headline since the non-downtown restaurants are facing the same restrictions.


When you trade safety over freedom you lose both. Tierney is when the government is allowed to have control over the citizens without their say. Oregon has allowed itself to be ruled by only one party. You cannot bitch when these are the people you vote for. If you own a business you can move it out of Oregon.


Please clarify which freedom are you losing by wearing a mask?.....


You lose none. Allowing the government to close down small business is the crime. They do not have the right.


The closure is temporary and for obvious public health believe the government should do nothing to protect it’s citizens?
If people would take proper precautions, business closures would not be necessary.....
As far as the closure being a crime.....not sure what Crime that would be....


The stories below is what irks me about how these government mandates keep slamming small business while sparing the big guys (e.g. last spring local hardware stores had to close while Lowe's could remain open). Notice how Wendy's corporate wants to buy franchises that have gone bankrupt (1st link) because of the shut-downs. The big just keep getting bigger. Since the end of monopoly/oligopoly law enforcement late last century our nation has morphed from capitalism into an oligarchy in nearly every industry you can think of. I thought the Russian model was bad because it was controlled by only a few oligarchs?

I really feel for the small businessperson and don't understand why they aren't given general guidelines then allowed to innovate - they are incentivized to come up afore never-thought-of solutions. That's how capitalism is supposed to work. Unfortunately, according to CNN, in NYC, "About 60% of businesses that have closed during the coronavirus pandemic will never reopen..." One has to wonder where the tax money will come from to fund future government services.


give $$$ directly to the people so we can all stay home until the vaccine arrives next month. Boom....done.


The two most promising candidates (Pfizer and Moderna) require two shots [think shingles vaccine] and cold storage so distribution could be a challenge - there's even a general in charge (Army general Gus Perna). Other vaccines are in development as well but aren't as far along in the process. It looks like there may be 60 million doses available by year's end (see link). Because of 'Operation Warp Speed' the companies were paid to produce their various vaccines early in the hopes of approval. Given the stratified risk profile (elderly are order(s) of magnitude higher risk than young) if we prioritize them, health care workers, and those with other known risk factors, we could see deaths from COVID drop fast. Crossing fingers!

Given this recent vaccine good news we definitely need the partisans in Washington to get one more relief bill done - right now - before too much more long-term economic damage is done.


Pfizer hasn’t received any warp speed money for development of the vaccine, but have a deal with the federal Government to purchase after FDA approval...


Operation Warp Speed. Sounds so cool....


Operation Warp Speed bought 100 million doses of Pfizer's and Moderna's vaccines before results came in. That $3.5 billion bet is paying off.