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Down the river, back in time

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What’s going on with the rock factory on Grand Island ? Sure don’t hear much about that any more do we ?


"In the ensuing millenia, their bones, and those of the other animals represented in the YRPP’s collection, have been buried under about 60 years of buildup, much of it silt from the Missoula Floods. Some of the fossilized bones have washed into the river; others remain in the muddy banks."

I think the under about 60 years of build up is supposed to say something else? maybe 60,000? or something?? Great article....Mike is a very interesting individual and a shirt tail relative of mine. :)

Reporter Starla Pointer

Buford -- my mistake! I should say buried under 60 FEET of build-up. Thanks for pointing that out so I could fix it.

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