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Deputy shoots and kills dog after being bitten during motorist arrest

A suspect’s dog was shot by a Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office deputy in an incident just before noon on Monday, Feb. 19.

Sgt. Robert Eubanks had stopped Yamhill County resident Adrienne Santrizos on a traffic violation on Highway 47 near Stillers Mill Road north of Yamhill. She was alone in the vehicle other than a pit bull.

Eubanks found Santrizos had an outstanding warrant for a parole violation and began to place her under arrest.

According to Sheriff Sam Elliott, who was among personnel responding to the scene, the dog’s teeth had grazed Eubanks on his leg before it bit him on the hand, causing two serious lacerations.

“He had just been putting (Santrizos) into restraints when the dog attacked him,” Elliott said. “It’s unfortunate, because the dog was doing what dogs do, either because he felt threatened or was protecting her but she was refusing to secure the dog.”

Elliott said Eubanks, a 22-year agency veteran, will be sidelined for an undetermined period. A retired deputy was driving by and gave aid when he saw Eubanks struggling, and deputies and officers from Carlton and Newberg also responded.



Not nice to endanger police officers doing their jobs; and using a dog as a weapon by refusing to control it is animal abuse.


She should never be allowed to own another animal as long as she lives!!!

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