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Crash deaths prompt offer from state

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David S. Wall

The BOC routinely authorizes winery and brewery permits in rural areas.

Currently, a joint Distillate / Winery tasting room is in the works.

Before I am pilloried for what I am about to say, I fully understand and appreciate; having a few glasses of wine, a liter or two (or more) of tasty brew, as much hard-cider your stomach can take, enough distillates (hard alcohol) that will keep you vertical...consumed in; rural, pastoral and bucolic settings is a much preferred pastime for many people. Especially, on sunny days. The "hard-core" sector of this population are weather proof.

Now add Measure 110 implementation (with alcohol consumption) which will allow some to; "shoot-up some heroin or methamphetamine, and snort a little cocaine." Smoking doobies or doing a few "Bong-hits for Jesus" is already legal.

How many visitors to the aforementioned Yamhill County permitted establishments who provide alcohol have designated, sober drivers?

One extra Sheriff's Deputy is a start.

Revoking the rural alcohol establishment permits and relocating the aforementioned business entities into the Downtowns of Yamhill County cities and towns, where there are more Police to deter DUII drivers, is a better idea to protect public safety and is the smarter way for economic development.

By the way, how many bicyclists have been killed on Yamhill County rural roads?

David S. Wall

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