By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County has reported 24 COVID deaths over the last two months

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Who’s joining me for the party on April 3rd when facial diaper mandates finally go away??!!


Shame on you. May God have mercy.


So- after reading this article and learning that 2 dozen of your neighbors in Yamhill county have died, you want to have a party to celebrate your own vanity.?’re a real peach of a human.


The facemasks have not worked.
Actual epidemiological studies validate this.
We need policy makers who understand the difference between "science" and "seance."


Covid is spread by respiratory droplets…. Of course Masks help reduce the spread.


Yeah throw a party you idiot. People like you are the ones that make everyone realize just what this Country has become. A Country full of whiny selfish entitled fools. Don’t be too surprised either if you show up at your doctor or dentist after April 3rd & they ask you to put on a mask, they will have the option to require you to.


The story doesn't say whether the people who died had taken the poison vaccine, which is causing a variety of health conditions across the country, including death. That would be interesting to know. Also, have the agencies reporting these deaths differentiated between: deaths BECAUSE of COVID, or deaths WITH COVID. There's a big difference. Any time someone analyzes data, there are opportunities for that data to be skewed to suit a particular viewpoint.

Bill B

JWC- Please cite these "epidemiological studies."


It’s still apparent many Americans continue to drink the covid kool aid-some 3 yrs later. And by the comments of @tagup and @bill b, and @mr. S, natural selection is still going strong!

Bill B

Spicy - "diapers. Kool aid"; Hard to deal with that sort of intellect.


There's a Truth Social meme out there warning NRA members that cleaning the guns too much will cause blindness.

Bill B

from the CDC; CDC quietly added this without any press highlighting—Emerging evidence suggests that #SARSCoV2, that causes #COVID19, can have lasting effects on nearly every organ and organ system of the body weeks, months, and potentially YEARS after infection.

john fritter

Bill B. Just a thought from reading your comment. Simply a question not from one side or the other just honesty. Do you think the CDC would admit to the world that those symptoms could be from the vaccines? Not saying they are at all. Like I said just a honest question.

Bill B

John - Not sure I fully understand your question/. "Long Covid" refers to a number of conditions/symptoms that appear to be the result of having the Covid virus. As to the messenger RNA vaccines, there are some anecdotal reports associated with strokes and myocardia conditions. At the end of the day, I prefer neither and receive the Novavax vaccine. Its safer and more effective.

john fritter

Bill B. Sorry I didn't realize you were referring to "long covid".

"from the CDC; CDC quietly added this without any press highlighting—Emerging evidence suggests that #SARSCoV2, that causes #COVID19, can have lasting effects on nearly every organ and organ system of the body weeks, months, and potentially YEARS after infection."

Re reading your statement my question does still make sense though.
Good choice.


John: just my guess, but I don’t expect the CDC to admit any connections between the vaccines and the various side effects. The corruption surrounding the CDC, FDA, and big pharm, will keep the truth hidden from the public for many years. Another unfortunate truth: “long covid” will be the golden ticket for big pharm and healthcare facilities to continue to make money off patients for years.


@spicy_t my comment is directed at the journalist above, and those who fearmonger about a 99.999% survivable respiratory cold that lead to the psychopathic masks, lockdowns, and an alleged ~40% actuarial rise in deaths from adverse vaccine events (SADS). Even 3 years after March 2020, these people have the gall to continue scaring women and children into buying their pharmaceutical experiments. I hope the coming wars and famines will have them reflect on their lives, but so far they continue to be heartless zombies. The living dead. A fitting diagnosis, truly.


I bet libs of Yamhill County could name 100 reasons why they should wear masks but they couldn't tell you what the Nordstream Pipeline was if their lives depended on it (and it does).

TV isn't news it's State endorsed lies. And this article isn't any better.


Me S maybe you should lay off the sauce

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