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Council discusses utilizing land-use hearings officer

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Oh well we will have a new governor soon and maybe we should revisit measure 37 and SB100 again. Seems now with sky high housing costs people may give a little bit on land use utopian law over crammed in pack dense and expensive rents?


Did anyone notice how our “do as I say no as I do” Governor gets around? A motorcade of the least fuel efficient as possible SUV’s and two police cars? Give me a break these leftist tyrants all want us to live in squalor while they get to live it up high class. I wonder if she also has a state of Oregon Lear jet to fly around to climate conferences and “smart growth” conferences? New Urbanism is a cult.

Sandi Colvin

Those pesky citizens and their messy emotions taking up tens of minutes in the hearing process. Lordy me.

Heaven forbid the hearing process should be shortened by cutting back on the hours the planning department reads their recommendations that the commission & counselors have already read.

I'm sure though that the suggestion was sincerely made with the best of intentions...

(end sarcasm)

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