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Council delays sign law another year

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Save the signs! If they are successful in taking away signs from businesses, it won't be long before they come inside the store and start looking for other things to ban. It's unthinkable right now but I can even foresee a day when they might go as far as to try to take away plastic bags and make you pay for a paper or cloth one.

Mac Native 66

Joel2828, they have taken away the plastic bags. Those so called cloth bags you're referring to, are also made of plastic. I talked to a cashier up in Portland and she said that they GIVE you ONE paper bag and charge .05 for any other bags. Also, did you know that when the city counsel passed a plastic bag ban, they are forcing ANY resident OUTSIDE city the limits of McMinnville, is an illegal tax to said shopper!? They can put it in their crack pipe and smoke it.


Experimenting with total shopping on line. So far very easy. With Amazon free Prime shipping it's better than driving. Any grocery items I need fresh I use saved plastic bags. Take one choice away, there is always an alternative. Of course it means less business for locals--but if they can move city business elsewhere(trash)so can I.


Who cares how big signs are. Sounds like the city council trying to act important. Why not figure out a solution to the homeless problem.

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