By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Commissioners vote on draft request

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Next up annexation into Metro!

Lindsay Berschauer

I testified against this proposal and the fact that two of our three commissioners are choosing political favoritism over their true role as Commissioners. I requested the economic impact statement of what adding two full salary and benefitted commissioners in perpetuity would do to our budget. As a county budget committee member, we had to dip into reserve funds this year to pay for rising PERS costs. If Oregon faces a recession, or reserve funds get low, critical county services will be on the chopping block. As a taxpayer, I would not be willing to make that trade off. Having five commissioners also reduces transparency to the public, as two commissioners can meet privately without running afoul of the quorum laws. Greg Tompkins, you are absolutely right to be concerned about Metro's influence. It's already happening.

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