By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Commissioners oppose state’s new permanent rule on masking

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The headline should read "Two commissioners oppose . . .


Another time and money wasting resolution and letter that do absolutely nothing. Do they think for one minute that anyone in Salem will do anything but round file any letter that comes from these two? There are so many more important things that could be addressed here locally. The county is a mess and these two are wasting their time at political rallies (look at the joint daily schedule for this week), passing resolutions that do nothing, and writing meaningless letters.


It's been 24 hours, so I guess it's time for another round of empty culture-war posturing by the seat warmers on the Board of Commissioners. They're so busy burnishing their far-right credentials for their next job they can't even be bothered to pretend to know or care about the issues facing local people that the Board can actually address.


Another episode in the B&S dog and pony show. They focus on non issues while neglecting what they should be doing a commissioners. Queen Mary and Princess Lindsey don't seem to realize they have an actual job to do. They can't be sent packing fast enough.

Joel R

That may be what the AAP is saying today but historians will not be kind. Fifty years from now we'll look back in horror to see photo's of young kids in face masks. We'll shudder at the the unexpected long term psycho-social damage that was done. I believe that those damages will be far more severe than any slight benefit of reducing the transmission of a virus that simply produces cold symptoms in the vast majority of people. Before the vaccines? Okay, maybe for a short time it was tolerable to muzzle the kids. Not anymore. If you're scared of the virus or if you're one of the rare individuals who are truly vulnerable, get vaxxed. Get triple vaxxed. But leave the kids alone.
Florida and Texas look better and better all the time for me and my family.


You mean children like the ones pictured in this article, Joel?

Oh the HORROR!

It is the grossly disproportionate shrieks of indignation emanating from certain segments of the population over the minor, transient inconvenience of wearing a partial face covering that will “horrify” our descendants.

David Bates

In 1998, ten people were killed in traffic accidents on Highway 18, and after two more fatalities the first week of January 1999, Yamhill County Commissioners started pushing ODOT to deal with that stretch of road, which was called "Blood Alley" and the "Highway of Death." Over that 3-year-period as officials worked on the problem, 32 people died on Highway 18. Flash forward to the present: Yamhill County has had that same number of people die of Covid in the last SIX WEEKS. How do our two know-it-all commissioners respond? They whine about masks and micromanage their own health department with the clear intent of frightening people about a vaccine that BILLIONS of people have had safely. The lack of responsible, informed leadership is breathtaking.


This is just like if MS and LB had been pumping out pro Al-Aquaeda propaganda during 9-11.


So, two weeks to slow the spread has become permanent. That doesn't appear transient to me. The war was never meant to be won.


@David Bates. You make an excellent point. Those commissioners in 1998 used data compiled by the county GIS department who used accident data from OSP to map and point out to ODOT that in the majority of those accidents, a vehicle was across the centerline into oncoming traffic. actual locations on highway 18 with the cause and fatalities. The end result, the rumble strips that are now in place along highway 18. The use of accurate, factual, data to get real results. Commissioners Lewis and George later decided that the GIS department was a "luxury" that was not needed - actually it was a weapon for them to justify a personal vendetta. Apparently saving lives on highway 18 and other actual uses of data(factual information) was not on their list of important things. Those commissioners in the late 90's and early 2000's (Lopuznski, Johnstone, and Bunn) knew how to use data and make a case to ODOT using factual data backed up by solid analysis provided by a county department. They got results. Something our current circus doesn't seem to have the skills to understand.


I'd like to thank the commissioners on behalf of the majority of voters who put them in office. The arguments I see here are more personal attacks than anything regarding alleged benefits of wearing masks. Mask wearing has been ineffective from day one with adults with higher susceptibility, kids have practically zero chance to be impacted by covid, even less chance of dying from it. States with mask mandates have had higher covid rates across the board than states with no mandates like Florida and Texas, for example. You know Florida, where the upper-class dems vacation mask free? I know, rules for thee and not for me.

There has been no long term studies of the effects on children from wearing masks. But the short term effects have been drastic and dire, google it. All so you can feel safer? The government response to Covid has been disastrous, and you're OK with giving them permanent authority on masking kids in schools? You tell me the last time the government struck 'temporary permanent authority' of anything off the law books. Government is not your friend. Not your friend.

For the love of God, turn off the TV, stop watching CNN, NBC, CBS, Fox, the whole lot. We have lost the ability to critically think for ourselves, we blindly swallow what is spoon fed to us so we feel better walking through the Safeway. If you are worried about Covid, I get it. I've had it, it sucked, it was like the time I had a bad case of the flu. Pretty sure I had omicron too, I had a cold for 3 days. But YOU keeping YOU healthy is YOUR responsibility. It's nothing you can force other people to do. I won't be getting the vaccine to keep you healthy, it does not work that way. You can wear a mask, you can get vaccinated, boosted, double boosted, you (some anyway) can work from home, there is not one thing that cannot be delivered to your house or your car in the mall parking lot. YOU do YOU, leave everyone else out of it.


This reader interface needs upvote buttons and emojis. The above comment gets a thumbs up from me.


> transient inconvenience of wearing a partial face covering that will “horrify” our descendants.

The jury is out on the long-term effect of forced online education, lockdowns, and masking, on our children. Many of them will be anything but transient. The data coming in for the negative impact on their education development is not encouraging. That is starting to be recognized even by the mainstream. Hopefully, corrective action is soon to follow, but it is undoubtable countless minority and underprivileged kids fell through the cracks.

As far as masking young children down to two years old go as we do in some parts of America goes, we will see. The World Health Organization does not recommend masks for children under 5, and Europe’s version of the CDC does not recommend masks for children under 12. The NIH study below is causing some alarm. Few actions result in zero cost, the trick is to properly costs/benefits.

"The results revealed that masks hindered the perception of virtually all tested facial dimensions (i.e., emotion, gender, age, and identity), interfering with normal speed and accuracy of categorization."


This all seems to be a moot point as the indoor mask requirement is expected to expire come the end of March.

Bill B

@Hibb; Yep, just in time for mid terms


@ Bill B

LOL. So true. Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago these same people bashed Glenn Youngkin, the new governor of Virginia for lifting restrictions?