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Commissioners approve resolution opposing Measure 114

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"Yamhill County commissioners sign resolution stating opposition to peace, love, science, democracy, non-christians, BIPOC, LGBTQ, public education, and bike paths"


The same people who support Ballot Measure 114 are the same imbeciles who are giving violent criminals a free pass to commit violent crimes either with or without a gun. It is their insanity that has created the sudden rise in violent crime. Guns, gun owners, the NRA and high capacity magazines are merely the scapegoats that that they exploit to distract attention from their malfeasance. Of course the really scary reality is that the political establishment encouraged the Antifa BLM rioters then eagerly acquiesced to their demands to defund the police and "reform" the justice system knowing that this would trigger a surge in violent crime that they could then exploit to justify new gun control laws. These folks should be on trial for murder.


Nice story…but I doubt you have the verified facts to support your positions.
IMO-Measure 114 is a reaction to the average person being fed up with schools, businesses and events being shot up by grudge holding misfits. If our elected officials would find middle ground, there are compromises that could be found. Polls repeatedly show that the majority of people in the US support common sense gun regulations. The gun lobby and their bought and paid for legislators will have none of it!


The fine print of Measure 114 reveals that it also bans the very common semiautomatic and pump action shotguns that are favored by bird hunters. This was not revealed in the Summary drafted by the Oregon Secretary of State. Measure 114 passed on an extremely narrow margin. It is unlikely that Measure 114 would have passed if the Oregon Secretary of State had been honest about what it would do. It should be set aside for that reason.


Another waste of time on a meaningless resolution. I am no supporter of M114, but a resolution and a worthless ordinance that will not stand does nothing but waste time and money. I guess it does bring in campaign contributions though doesn't it? Tagup, I agree that the senseless acts that have taken place are frustrating. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that its the people on the backend of those guns that are the problem. M114 was only a measure meant to disarm law abiding citizens. It will have no affect on reducing the acts of violence that we have seen. IMO, we need to support the laws that are already in place, fully fund and support law enforcement, and focus on solving the mental and addictive behaviors that result in some nut walking into a school and opening fire. Societal breakdown on several fronts has gotten us where we are.


Even if it is set aside…. Do you think that will be the end of it?….I don’t …..Seems to me that legislative negotiations are the only way to keep unsuitable laws from being rammed through. Unfortunately, the ability to compromise has been overshadowed by the win at all cost mentality.
I doubt there is much argument from anyone that our country has a big problem with gun violence….


Well said, Rona


Well said Rona.

A bit over a year ago, one of the Gaston Good ol'Boys (lilly white) who was trespassing on our property to poach his second or third buck of the season, shot dangerously close to my then pregnant daughter-in-law with a politically correct, bolt action rifle chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum which has about triple the muzzle energy as an AR-15. She gave birth prematurely to a bouncing, one pound, four ounce baby boy a few weeks later. This was just another of his many game law violations plus he has multiple DUII arrests and convictions. He pled guilty. The judge fined him a few thousand dollars, maybe didn't return his rifle, and suspended his hunting privileges for a year. He will have to take Oregon's hunter's safety course again.

My youngest son just had an encounter with another one of the Gaston Good Old Boys club (also lilly white) who was trespassing on our property, allegedly to shoot missile toe off our oak trees with a 12 gauge shotgun then maybe collect it. He was shooting in the air which maximizes projectile range, in the general direction of our house.. We have no idea what type of ammunition the shotgun was loaded with. Maximum projectile range for buckshot is about half a mile. Maximum projectile range for standard slugs is about a mile but sabot slugs shoot even further. Either type of slug can be lethal at maximum range. One can argue that buckshot can be lethal at only a quarter mile away but don't bet your life on it. We have no idea what type of ammunition this idiot thought that he was shooting. However; as Forest Gump might say, "a shotgun is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get."

The problem isn't the guns or the ammunition magazines or the ammunition. The problem is that we don't hold the small minority who are criminals or imbeciles accountable.


How many people shoot guns at or near your family? I’ve never even seen a gun pulled on someone. Maybe it’s more than a coincidence this keeps happening?


Will Yamhill County 's judges be required to take these gun safety classes or will they continue to fall for the Alec Baldwin defense?


Tagup, I'll one up ya! Our country does not have a problem with gun violence. We have a mental health problem in this country along with out-of-control crime! Spend more time and effort on those two and gun violence will go down. Gun ownership has been part of this country since its inception, but the gun violence has gotten bad only the last 20 to 30 years. Our society morals have gone downhill (my opinion) over this time which has created a good part of this uptick. Measure 114 will only inhibit the law abiding. Divided politics will never solve anything, not that partisan politics would be a good solution, either. Look how narrowly 114 passed....

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