By Kirby Neumann-Rea • Of the News-Register • 

City of McMinnville tries ad hoc budget approach

Council seeks input for 11th hour effort to avoid emergency use of ARPA funds

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Just when it seemed the McMinnville city budget situation couldn't get any weirder. They might as well try "ad hoc" since nothing else has worked.

How is it possible that council members can't be bothered to show up to the meetings?

The local politicians are just asking for a California-driven political takeover. The mega winery families will fund their own hand-picked representatives and move the county where they want it to go. They are investing so much money in the local economy that it would be imprudent not do make sure the chaos doesn't blow apart their business plans.

Don Dix

Ad hoc -- made or done without previous thought or preparation. Sounds like a cop out to cover lack previous attention to the looming deficit.

David S. Wall

Dateline [Tuesday, (6.07.22)] McMinnville City Hall...Village idiots convene 'conclave' compelling contemplative prayer from municipal fiduciaries and appointees to find a solution to the FY22-23 budget deficit.

Hey, wait a minute...Didn't Mayor Hill and Council about a couple of weeks or so ago, 'solve' the budget deficit issue?

What changed? Well, we have an Interim-Mayor who wants to form an 'ad hoc Committee' to come up with a funding scenario to raise [$1.8 Million dollars]. It appears there may be a problem using American Rescue Plan Act [ARPA] dollars.

Hey, News Register...What's going on? Why not use ARPA dollars to fund McMinnville's general operational costs for FY22-23? What are the reasons 'not' to use ARPA dollars?

McMinnville's palace intrigue is getting to be too predictable, if not down-right boring as administrative incompetence yields to 'late-night' municipal 'ad hoc-buffoonery'.

Here's a tried and true methodology...cut government expenditures to the bare minimum.

Obviously Police and Fire Departments should be immune from budget cuts.

But, the rest of the organization should be immediately downsized.

I'm not being mean and or disrespectful for it is fact-in 'organizational life' some people lose their jobs.

As of today's missive, there are [22 days] to have a budget for FY22-23.

David S. Wall