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City backs off from planned camping site

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I think a public correction and apology is in order since the headline has already changed.


I am confused... how is that the NR can change the title of a news article after publication? The original title was:
"Anger at 'homeless camp' proves premature". How is this ethical?

Jeb Bladine

Unlike printed newspapers, set in stone (or, paper), online stories occasionally are updated to correct errors or to include new information. On rare occasions, such as with this evolving story, a headline change online is considered appropriate pending receipt of more information.

There's more to come on this story, as the newspaper awaits further comment from city officials. It appears that the Friday newspaper story was accurate as to official reports from the city. Unknown to the newspaper in reporting that story, a different city official had written a note on Tuesday that the camp program had been approved for the property in question.

By later Tuesday, when the News-Register requested story information, the city reportedly had determined that extending the camp program to that property was not going forward. Reaction from area residents and owners was part of that decision.

This online story will be augmented as more information comes from the city about the apparent communications mixup. Tuesday's newspaper will have a followup story updated to that time.


I appreciate the admittance that a mistake was made. It was somewhat confusing. I eagerly await the additinal information.


News Register Team

Please write an article next week in which you profile "Champion Team" answering the following:

1). Board of Directors... list them
2). What Law Firm represents them

Looking online thru google or on their website those questions come to mind. HHS seems impressed with them but are they in fact separate from HHS? Do volunteers receive compensation?

Thanks in advance.


Why is this issue so bad all up and down the west coast? I was in Portland today and shocked and saddened by what I witnessed.


Because governments allow it to happen.


Because there is a lot of $ to be made. Yamhill County is trying hard to play the game with the big boys


Stella, I don’t think it’s enough to tie it to being a health emergency. If they could provide photos with heroin needles stuck to the insides of an endangered animal or through a sea turtle’s head they might actually do something then?

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