By Kirby Neumann-Rea • Of the News-Register • 

City advances plans for revenue, federal funding

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Longmire fan

More taxes and fees, targeting businesses, who have suffered greatly through this pandemic. How can the city be doing this poorly when state tax revenue is so high?

David S. Wall

McMinnvilleans, your City Council are not your friends!

ARPA money should be dispersed to McMinnville Water and Light for preventative repair and or replacement of aging infrastructure. The notion of creating a "Service Fee" to be attached to city resident's utility bills is nothing less than, "a stab in the back via the pocketbook" and will have a staggering negative effect when combined with rising inflation and decreasing revenues. People on fixed incomes will not be able to afford paying this 'Fee' which in all reality is a 'Tax.'

From the article, "... interfund borrowing for capital needs,..." Here is where McMinnville's City Council will, time after time; 'borrow' money from one fund or another or multiple inter-fund transfers to meet capital obligations but, will the money be paid back or will the payments be 'deferred' let's say, to the third of never? More staggering debt long after City Council Members are a faint and or obscure memory.

"The Innovation Center" is an illusory gamble with public money. Under "No" circumstances go forward with the Innovation Center. I cannot use the analytically correct vulgar expletives to communicate to you how many ways this foolish concept can (and most probably) will fail.

From the article,

"“We feel the Innovation Center proposal as conceived is really consistent with the state innovation hub plan,” Richards said. “Innovation hub designations will leverage technology assistance and infrastructure dollars, and highlight the state’s interest in recruiting developers and occupants for industrial properties. We feel ours is a strong candidate.”"

The aforementioned declaration should be considered as "pure administrative manure speak."

David S. Wall

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David S. Wall

Post #2

I also do not have the time to educate those, who (by the Grace of God) do not know anything about the accursed "Regional Solutions" group nested into Governor Brown's Office.

"Regional Solutions" is funded entirely out of Video Lottery proceeds and their main function is to "dole-out" lottery monies to counties for Economic Development purposes. As a result of declining revenues due to COVID issues, the Governor wants to fund "Regional Solutions-(salaries, benefits, retirements, et cetera)" but, cut-back the revenues available to the counties. I do not know if the Governor got her wish.

A few years ago, Yamhill County Commissioners contracted with Strategic Economic Development Corporation (SEDCOR) to dispense the lottery monies gained from "Regional Solutions" for economic development. What a perennial and awful waste of taxpayer's money.

Voters 'vote' for competent decision makers and not incompetent buffoons who can't make economic development decisions on their own.

As a reward, SEDCOR allows one Yamhill County Commissioner to sit on its Board of Directors.

If McMinnville wants economic development...expedite opening the "Organic Creamery."

David S. Wall


Would someone at he NR just give David S. Wall a column so I can ignore it and not be exposed to his articles in the comments section?