By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Carlton delays decision on new city hall project

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Being that I live in Carlton, I think the project the city managers should be working on is the intersection of Main and 47; it should have stop lights. Too many people DO NOT know how that intersection works. The wineries don't care as long as their out of town winos buy their product. But their out of town customers don't pay attention to how that stupid intersection works.


Kat, You say that as if the wineries and/or the city of Carlton have control of the signals. The wineries can’t control who drives through Carlton, and they aren’t all “winos”. Second, “47” as in highway 47 is a state highway. ODOT controls the road and it’s signals.
So you’d like the City if Carlton to focus its money and resources on a state owned traffic light because you are tired of waiting an extra 3-4 seconds at the intersection? You think that’s local tax money well spent? Meanwhile we have city facilities that need to be upgraded. Very odd priority.


It's nice to see some are thinking of the future when considering spending during a crisis.

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