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Carlton Council to meet Tuesday

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If they continue to build new homes in this small town, they need to do something about the traffic, i.e., Pine/Main. The new people moving in really do not pay attention to that corner. They either think it's a 4-way stop or they just don't pay attention. Either way, they need to something. I used to love this town, now not so much.


I don't think its so much the people buying the new houses in Carlton. Its mostly people just driving through on highway 47. It is a state highway after all. After the first or second time through the intersection one would understand how it works.
I guess I have a hard time understanding why some folks in Carlton get so frustrated by having to wait an extra 2 seconds to pass through a yellow blinking light. Or to dislike the entire city because of it. There is no gridlock traffic in Carlton what so ever.
@Kat. Who is "they"?,and what should they do?

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