By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Cannabis, hemp processing site proposed north of Newberg

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I hope that they succeed.


Any industry is a good thing but where is all the water going to come from? We are becoming majorly overpopulated in Yamhill County there is not enough water. And uses for Marijuana production and winery industry takes away from food agriculture. Oh well I guess we will be eating grape leaves and smoking pot to survive!


Greg, it seems to me that growing veggies, grapes, and hemp all take water. So long as they make money for the farmers and don't pollute, what's your problem?


Question for you, Greg: is there anything about which you could say anything positive?


I think the water use on a +/- 40 acre grow is manageable....why all the fear?


My sisters property is next to a hemp farm in Medford. It smells awful!


like a dairy?....or a hog farm?.....


It smells like damp stale pot

Mike D

Hemp is fantastic agricultural crop with a variety of uses, from soap to rope and more, which will expand and diversify our local economy. What makes an area prosper is producing a real stuff. More and more of our jobs are service directed. Helping some one with their coffee or serving them a beer or investing their money on Wall Street are good honest jobs. But real prosperity is in producing something of value, food and products people can use. Good for Yamhill County.


Yamhill County "majorly overpopulated"?!!


Someone hasn't traveled much.

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