By Don Iler • News Editor • 

Business owners upset over vagrant problem

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I was jogging at 5:55pm on a Wednesday night and one of the homeless people at the church on 2nd and Ford threw his shoes at me. Classy. McMinnville at it's finest.


When various downtown public spaces (both privately- and publicly-owned) are converted to de facto homeless camps with little oversight or regulation as a matter of course, no one should be surprised. While I sympathize with the difficulties experienced by homeless folks, I'm pretty sure other solutions might benefit both them and the public at large more than allowing these camps willy nilly.

Unfortunately, speaking out in any way which might be construed as anti-homeless these days frequently results in anger and name-calling like "bigot," "hater" or "Republican."

We've become a classy society.


Isn't solitication for money a behavior problem? It's becoming increasingly difficult to walk down 3rd Street without being panhandled. Is this really what Mac wants to be known for? What is the Council's plan of action?


Walk up and down 3rd all the time. Never been panhandled. Asking for a hand out as a behavior problem? So many organizations and churches do it. I guess if it happens on a public street it is serious behavior problem.


You forgot one Trafik,

"J.W. Millegan, a regular council gadfly..."



1.a fly that bites livestock, especially a horsefly, warble fly, or botfly.

•an annoying person, especially one who provokes others into action by criticism.



A strong argument for a sturdy and effective flypaper, Seabiscuit. Or at least a mild ointment.