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Board seeks grant audit; says no to LUBA appeal

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What a circus. Berschauer and Starrett have discovered they can throw out a red herring by calling for audits. More wasted money largely due to their few large campaign donors and their "no way no how" position on the trail. So now they are on a fishing expedition to see if there's some county staff person(s) they can blame. All this does inject a lot of time, waste money, and put them in a position to possibly blame staff for any tiny missteps. All because a couple of Berschauer's large donors are flinging false allegations. Then there's fli-flop Starrett. One week she's spewing mistrust toward county staff, then the next week she tries to walk it back. The two biggest, and most costly "gamblers" with the county money are Starrett and Berschauer. Final comment, Starrett says "we're facing a lot of opponents with a lot of money". How about making the right decisions for the right reasons, and not because there are opponents with a lot of money. What she should say is that there are a few opponents with a lot of money who are campaign contributors to her and Berschauer. A circus I tell you!

Tom Hammer

The County is zero for five at LUBA and Sadlo says he's surprised. FOIA requests Show Kulla and ODOT plotting and Kulla supports an appeal. No surprise there. ORS 294.100 "willful or wanton abuse of public dollars" needs a test. Maybe a District Attorney investigation would help.


Let’s get on with an investigation. If their is nothing nefarious then trust will be restored.


Sure. Nothing to waste other than a few thousand more tax dollars, on top of all the rest the county seems determined to fritter away. Hey, it's only money.

David S. Wall

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David S. Wall

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