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Bledsoe and Berschauer file for office

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Is Bledsoe Casey Kulla's mother in law?


Yes, I think so. And she loves to run for office!

David S. Wall

Want to "Vote" for Berschauer?

Here are a couple of posts by "The Scallion" taken verbatim from the internet.
[My question: Will Commissioner Olson receive any "Flaming Bags of Poop?"]

Here are additional articles by "The Governed" taken verbatim from the internet:

Candidate Bledsoe "knows money"-she and made some "quick cash" off Commissioner Olson's 2016 campaign.

The big issue-Did Commissioner Starrett "recruit" her fellow YCAP Board Member to be a candidate for the Yamhill County Budget Committee for the sole purpose to give Berschauer some much needed campaign "credibility?"

Did Commissioner Starrett "pull some strings" with R.A.F. Enterprises (her alleged husband's business)" to donate $500.00to Berschauer?"

"The beat goes on..."

David S. Wall


Does she have an agenda or just wants to be an agitator? I’m curious why did that bunch come to Yamhill County from Eugene? Were they sent on a mission to take us to the left?

Lindsay Berschauer

@Greg Tompkins...I lived in Wilsonville prior to moving to Newberg several years ago. Never lived in Eugene. Are you referring to Mrs. Bledsoe?
@David Wall, Sure as the sun rises and sets, you post nonsense. I must be doing something right for you to commit so much time and effort into researching anonymous blogs for garbage :)


I was referring to Ms Bledsoe. It just doesn’t seem like she has an agenda just to be a troublemaker. Like she isn’t even a Republican but she signed up to be on so she could stir up trouble. She claims she’s a “moderate” when in actuality she’s a far left progressivist like Kate Brown. Why are her clan trying so hard to turn us into Multnomah County? It seems the only ones who have unlimited wealth in our county are wealthy Democrats from out of the area who relocated here.


Treasurer is a technical government function. It appears Bledsoe has some pertinent technical qualifications. That she wants to run for elective office is her problem.

greg. some of the wealthiest people in Yamhill County are those folks up on the hills above the vineyards. They are mostly moderate R's. Well maybe for you their moderate conservative views make them suspect Ds.

A New Generation

Speaking of problems, I understand 'ol Stan is coming back from AZ to run for Treasurer. Is this how he's planning on paying for the Trail? For someone whose political leanings led him to the self-appointed task of 'pollinator' (What happened to mandated duties of roads and land use? Too boring?), all while spending thousands more in monthly travel expenses than earning in salary (ah, disrectionary income!), Stan's brand of 'fidicuary responsibility' is one we dont't need. Like the Trail folly, the Bypass that he took sole credit for, and the millions in wrongful death lawsuits paid out while he was foolishly in charge. No thank you! Enjoy your retirement in Arizona, while 'sippling wine' with the disgraced (and very expensive tenure) former County Administrator. Go away, you've shown your true colors.

David S. Wall

Berschauer bleats: "@David Wall, Sure as the sun rises and sets, you post nonsense. I must be doing something right for you to commit so much time and effort into researching anonymous blogs for garbage :)"

I always make inquiries into a candidate's activities so I can make an "informed decision" on who gets my vote. You are wrong concerning, " I must be doing something right for you to commit so much time and effort into researching anonymous blogs for garbage :)"

I spend very little time researching you. Within a few seconds on the internet, I found the aforementioned information and reported what I have found and you object to their content as "garbage and or nonsense."

You are entitled to your opinion.

There is plenty of material depicting your exploits on the internet and sadly, I have found none that are "complimentary" about you.

The "blogs are not anonymous" and to date you have not declared what is reported in them, about you, is untruthful.

David S. Wall

David S. Wall

A New Generation: Good reporting on Primozich and you should consider running for the BOC.

I haven't given any attention to the Arizona playground. Primozich was appointed to the Parkway Committee and hasn't shown up for a couple of months.

The Parkway Committee is a very interesting group, especially the "Christmas Six-Pack" that was appointed on (12-20-18). Primozich was appointed (01.31.19). The Parkway Committee can be viewed here:

Commissioner Olson, on his ascension to the Chair of the Yamhill County
BOC, appointed Primozich, et al. to the Parkway Committee.

The Parkway Committee's sole purpose is to obtain funding for the second-phase of the bypass . During last month's meeting, the bypass was referred to as the "Portland to the Coast bypass."

Currently, the Parkway Committee is developing a strategy to enjoin as many jurisdictions as possible to convince ODOT and Gov. Brown to release the cash-roughly $150 million.

What should worry everyone is [SB 413]-The Public Highways Districts (Taxing Districts see additional post)

ODOT wants to use the money for trains (Light Rail expansion) in

David S. Wall

David S. Wall

A New Generation:

The text of [SB 413] can be viewed here:

Below is a brief summary of [SB 413]:

"[SB 413]: Authorizes governing bodies of cities and counties to jointly form district for purposes of acquisition, design, construction, reconstruction, installation, operation, maintenance and repair of limited-access public highway projects within district boundaries.
Specifies powers of district. Provides civil penalty and collection mechanism for failure to pay toll established by limited-access public highway project district on tollway project. Requires county that receives application for limited-access public highway project submitted by limited-access public highway project district to review and approve application subject only to standards for construction of highways as prescribed by Department of Transportation. Prohibits county from denying application based on finding that project is inconsistent with local intergovernmental agreement or law limiting use or development of land designated rural reserve."

Question: Does the above provide a "Funding Mechanism" for the "second-phase of the Bypass?"

David S. Wall

A New Generation

Yes, interesting and curiouser and curiouser! Thanks, Mr. Wall, for the Parkway link. A red flad there is the 'no term limits' in the opening paragraph. Why?
And appointing Mr. Spendthrift, Stan, of all people, who isn't even a resident here anymore? If that is true, what was Olson thinking?

A New Generation

But back to Bergschauer and Bledsoe, I'd love to see Yamhill County's electorate choose the person with the qualifications (the field remains open for filers for the position) for once, instead of the 'golden child' shoo-in of the quasi-official gentry. (Like Stan, but younger.)

A New Generation

And on to the topic of the Parkway Committee, I think you might be onto something, Mr. Wall, in terms of Bypass Stan's being on this committee and potentially heading the purse strings of the County as Treasurer. See (excerpted from Ms. Berschauer's recent rant) below:
"(Clackamas)County voters demanded a county-wide vote of approval for light rail expansion and financing after watching the commission prioritize light rail over roads. The commissioners sent $20 MILLION to Tri-Met just DAYS before the vote."
And here in Yamhill County, we were worried about the Trail. The $25 million they have socked away isn't for that project at all, is it? Sounds like they've got bigger fish to fry in the 'Portland to the Coast' highway plans.


Why can’t we get a few more bridges built across the Willamette? One connecting to Yamhill County from Butteville, one from Palmer Creek to I-5, Wheatland Bridge and one to connect Wallace road to Keizer? There aren’t nearly enough Willamette river crossings if we had more direct linkeages to I5 that would lessen need for bypass


Wow. You must be in love with massive government operations and a monumental tax burden.
Figure half a billion dollars each, all coming from taxpayers, and you get your bridges.
That is, you do if you can also manage to meet all of the environmental limitations, confiscate all of the needed private property and settle all of the mounds of litigation resulting thereof. It shouldn't take more than 50 years, by which time said bridges will likely be running a billion each.

Come to your senses. Please.


@sbagwell well at very least a decent connection to i5! The way they did the bypass super stupid. I mean it’s nice to get around Newberg but all it did was shift the bottleneck to Dayton. Build a totally straight shot road from mcdougal direct to i5 no off ramps at all . That would solve the McKay Road death highway issue as well.

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