Sylvia Gail Turner 1939 - 2020

Sylvia Gail Turner, 80, a former longtime resident of Carlton, Oregon, currently of Eugene, passed away July 21, 2020, at her home.

Sylvia Turner was born in September of 1939 in Vancouver, Washington. A few years later, she was blessed with her best friend, a sister named Florence. When Sylvia was young, tragedy struck the family. The girls' mother, Gladys, died.  Sylvia’s father, Edward “Jack” Haupert, remarried a few years later. Together they grew into a new loving family.

In October of 1959, Sylvia made the most important decision of her young life: She married James Turner. Over the next few years, Jim and Sylvia had five children. The Turners spent the early years of their marriage raising their young family in Hillsboro, Oregon. Sylvia chose to remain at home to raise  their children.  In 1971, the family moved to Sherwood, Oregon. With the children now older, Sylvia began several occupations in and outside of the home, yet she still remained a dedicated mother and wife. It was also during this time Jim and Sylvia began one of their most favorite pastimes, square dancing. They remained very active in square dancing for several years, and it was an important part of their social life. They met many dear friends who would become lifelong treasures.

In 1977, the family moved to Carlton, Oregon, where Jim and Sylvia became the proprietors of the mobile home park in town. Sylvia was the bookkeeper/business manager of the operation.  In the mid-80s, the grandchildren started to arrive. This gave Sylvia a chance to thrive in her new favorite career: being a grandma! She really loved being a grandma! In the late '80s, Jim and Sylvia sold the mobile home park and began several other real estate ventures that eventually led them to a farm outside Yamhill, Oregon. Sylvia enjoyed the outdoors and farm life for a few years, but as the years rolled by, she realized she did not like living so far out of town. That brought them back into the town of Carlton, where she  stayed until she felt she needed company. At that point, she traveled to Eugene and spent her final year there.

Sylvia lost the love of her life, Jim, in 2011. She was also preceded in death by her sister, Florence Suctawee; father, Edward Haupert; and step-mother, Kay.

Sylvia is dearly missed by her children, James, Jeffery, Lori, John and Lynnette, and will be tenderly remembered by her 18 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.


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