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YCAP director calms housing funding concerns

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Government waste at its finest.

Spend it or loose it, and get “less” next time around. Even though you didn’t need it to begin with. Spend it on garbage you don’t need, but just spend it.

No wonder this state and country is broke.

The corruption is supreme.


OregonBorn you are right on the money. It’s really comfortable knowing a guy running our city is concerned with another organization not spending all the taxpayers money. All he has done is be part of raising fees,taxes,sewer rates and anything else the city can fleece the taxpayers for. It’s more important for him to promote Alpine Avenue and the cork sniffers than it is the people that pay his salary. We need a new city planner,city lawyer and city manager that want to take care of the people that pay the bills rather than the derelict’s and tourists.


C’mon guys....there is no dishonesty or fraud for personal gain... ....let’s dial back the “Corruption “ rhetoric....


How about a big campground on Grand Island for all the RVs? I think the commissioner would be very inclusive and allow that. And they could have the YCTA doing shuttle runs to take them into town for services.


Tagup nobody is accusing anybody of being shady. We are all very tired of tax money being pissed away at an alarming rate. It would be nice to see elected and public employees spend tax money with a more conservative approach. I think your friend Kate Brown is figuring that out right now.


OregonBorn, the state isn’t broke, it’s about to return a surplus back to taxpayers next year. Update your lines.

Not sure how you could possibly argue that YCAP didn’t need the money in the first place, given the issues of homelessness recently. Perhaps the bigger question is, what did they spend it ON, and do they even know if their accounting was not properly done?

I think it’s completely appropriate for the city dealing with the brunt of housing shortages in the county to be asking why the local entity receiving over a million state dollars to address housing emergencies can’t explain how it spent them.

Don Dix

Megan -- Oregon's 'unfunded liability' for PERS as of Jan. 31 is $26.6B. It grew $4.3B in 2018. The state doesn't have that money, so that's pretty much broke!

And when tax money is budgeted for spending, almost every public department knows the rule -- use it or lose it. Not too much constraint when spending other people's money.


A "learning curve"? What does that mean?
Incidentally--what precisely happened to the YCAP count of the homeless undertaken in January? It's now almost July.
The homeless count for Los Angeles is 58,000.
I'm sure ours is less. So, what is it?

Tom Henderson

CORRECTION: Oregon Emergency Housing money received by Yamhill Community Action Partnership and other nonprofits can be rolled over to the next fiscal period without the recipient receiving less money during the next funding cycle.

This corrects information from the Tuesday, June 25, News-Register. The online story has been changed.


Keep up the good work, YCAP.


The week is up - will we be getting an update as to the accounting of the SHAP money?

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