By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Yamhill, Mac oppose Highway 47 reroute to move traffic out of downtown Carlton

Plan would move heavy rigs onto Westside Road

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There is no reasonable solution here. Traffic has ruined Yamhill County.

This is what happens when a state doesn't have enough money for infrastructure. States that do have strong financial positions (Texas, Florida, Nevada, Tennessee for example) have great roads and don't hesitate to focus on quality of life when planning budgets. All of those states don't have a state income tax, but thriving economies that allow for strong infrastructure spending.

Don Dix

Back in the 60s, Mac opted for a bypass (18). Previous to the bypass, the only highway to the west and south of McMinnville was through the city (99W). But that added stretch of highway could be considered a savior to McMinnville's traffic today

If the state is willing to spend hundreds of millions to upgrade Westside, why not put that into a bypass around Carlton? Where? Maybe start with the Old McMinnville Highway (Gun Club Rd. off 47) -- but funneling 1000 trucks a day into NW Mac would effectively create another Dundee. It's hard to believe ODOT even considers Westside an option -- but then again, when the state is involved, wisdom usually has no play.


Oregonian- Don’t you think a bypass north of the Carlton down town area is reasonable?...That seems to me the sensible and best economic solution.....Of course there will be people that object, but you have that no matter where the improvement takes place. Keeping the traffic on 47 is the only prudent choice...