By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Yamhill board approves reaccreditation support letter

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Poor Mary...always claiming to be the victim as she attacks everyone else.

Mac Grizzly

Starrett got what she wanted, a lot of press and attention. That's all this is about. Its like having an alcoholic in the family, everything (including all resources) has to focus on them or they create a crisis so that the attention refocuses on them. Meanwhile everything else is falling apart. She doesn't care. With BS we got exactly what we collectively voted for, a sorry excuse for two commissioners. Its costing us millions and will continue to cost us millions until its dealt with at the ballot box.


Commissioner Starrett lied to her Free Oregon audience, and then she turned around and lied to her county constituents. Her Facebook page is full of congratulatory messages, because she told her followers she succeeded, when in fact she managed only to waste more of Director Manfrin's time.

David Bates

Interestingly, the first part of the meeting was spent discussing the role of commissioners, the proper realm of policy instead of getting lost in the weeds: They should spend their time at the 50,000 foot level, not the 5,000 foot level, etc. And then thanks to Starrett's "suicide" mission, they spent the better part of an hour flitting around the county health department on a hoverboard.

Mac Grizzly

@David Bates. When you're dealing with people who have no idea what leadership is, it makes no difference. They haven't the foggiest idea what it takes to manage or provide leadership. They think that because they managed to get elected then they know more than anyone else - period. Lindsey Manfrin has a Doctoral degree from one of the top ten medical schools in the country - but because BS got themselves elected, they must certainly know more than the professionals. They treat her like a low life. Leadership? Reminds me of what Scar said about the hyenas in Lion King.


I for one will not support any re-election efforts involving Ms. Starrett.

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