By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Yamhelas trail supporters plead to keep plan alive

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"self-serving cover for the fact they just want to pocket the land exclusively for themselves," I couldn't have said it better myself. And they'll get away with it too because these same actors have donated around $30k towards Lindsay Bershauer's campaign giving her huge incentive to ignore the overwhelming voices of her constituents who want the trail to move forward. As of today there is a change dot org petition with over 3,000 signatures in favor of the trail. Every Yamhill Citizen should be furious that our representation and possibly our county assets are for sale to the highest bidder.


You know this could be solved by putting it to a vote of the people. Maybe its initiative petition time????? A citizens group could put together the ballot measure by gathering signatures. You don't need any commissioner approval to do that. Get it on the ballot and let the citizens of Yamhill County decide. History shows that short sighted decisions by past commissioners, (also funded by well heeled donors and special interests), have not played out well. Examples, bridge project to I-5(late 60's), and Newberg bypass project(early 70's). This present situation is no different.


Why is it that two of our county commissioners do not recognize the great asset we own by purchasing the old railroad right of way? Almost anyone attempting to figure out future transportation needs for our area would be amazed we would sell it off to please a handful of well healed contributors to our sitting commissioner’s recent run for office. Do they not realize the land was acquired by the railroad and the railroad was the legal owner when it was sold. The farmers along the right of way do not own the land. It is not theirs. The rail corridor has existed for 150 years. We would never be able to put together another corridor similar to it. Why waste the time, money, and energy to replace what we already own? The farmers opposed seem to be of the same mindset as the gun activists, nothing will please them about the trail and they will not discuss it or listen to people in favor of the trail. Lindsay has been attempting to say she has great support for her SASCO measure, the vast majority of the lettres of support received were a bunch of crap generated by Mary’s husband’s groupies. Why do B/S ignore the people who actually live in Yamhill County and want the trail? Maybe an initiative would be best way to get these two to wake up.

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