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Yamhelas trail moves forward on split vote

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Starrett says...“It’s almost like we’re watching the battle of the Carhartt and the spandex outside,” and, "mob rule" Its too bad her style of "leadership" promotes battles between sides rather than working to encourage compromises and teamwork within the community.


Hello again, Nicole,
Context is everything. If you listen to the proceedings you'll hear that my comment on " mob rule" was not in response to Commissioner Olson's remarks, rather to testimony by the Applicant's ( County's) counsel who said that '100 thousand people live in the County, this is opposition from (only) 45 people.' Government should not be basing decisions on policy based simply on majority rule. As we know that's like asking 2 wolves and 1 sheep to vote on what's for dinner.


This whole mess reminds me of grade school, you can’t win the game you started so you change the rules to get your way and the win. That’s how and why people come to detest government intervention. By the way Kulla nice comment about the opposing attorney and her billable hours. I hope she sues you and the county for more money than it costs to build your giant waste of taxpayers money.


People have bent over backwards to accommodate the farmers in this. The opposition seems to be about something other than the trail at this point. It seems the only people willing to actually talk about anyone's concerns are the trail proponents and the county, the trail opponents seem to be refusing to actually have a dialog about addressing their concerns. The bottom line is that the trail property is not their land, it never was their land, and they cannot dictate what is done with the land.

Christmas has Talons

Context doesn't gel with the way the NR rolls any expectation of actual factual reporting can be left to the Statesman Journal or The National Enquirer.


I look forward to Commissioner Starrett (Must point out, it's truly fascinating that she uses the name "BOC" as though she, alone, represents the Board, isn't it?) remembering her statements about Mob Rule and 2 wolves and a sheep once she and Lindsay Berschauer represent the majority on the 3 person board starting in January.

Better than that, though, was when Starrett asserts that Government should protect the minority from the majority. Wish she'd remembered she had that belief when the question was about DEI training (where she chose to protect the white folks from the strain of having to think about their whiteness), or about transgender students (an issue she had no authority over but chose to introduce to the BOC... to protect the cisgender students?).

Christmas has Talons

I appreciate (BOC ,in this case Starrett) responding it's more than either other commissioner would do and it's nice to have the truth out there compared to Nicole's picking and choosing what portions of a quote to use and how she can best spin it.


A map would be a useful addition to this article.

Jeb Bladine

Here's a link to the Yamhelas website, with map:

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