By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Wolfe pleads guilty to murdering woman, son

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Joel R

Hard to believe he can brutally murder his wife and son and still potentially be back out on the streets in thirty years.
When I was a young man, thirty years sounded like forever. Now as an old man I realize it's really not that long. Definitely not long enough for what he did.


It was the girl friend and son. I believe the wife filed for divorce right after his arrest. Agreed, he shouldn’t see the light of day. I’ve walked into and through OSP as a contractor, chilling, very Shawshank like. And I knew I was leaving in an hour. They will all know who he is when they walk him into the cell block. They have nothing but time and they do not like child murderers.


In 30 years he'll be 85 with his entire life behind him. That's somewhat reassuring. Although it would be much better if he hadn't already had more life that Karissa or Billy ever will. I don't care what it says about me, I'll be hoping he dies in prison and the sooner the better.


I hope that the DA will not ignore the possibility of accomplices or accessories after the fact.
Judge Ladd Wiles should be indicted for declaring open season on children.


Already institutionalized, Wolfe's life is over.