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When we stand idly by we facilitate evil deeds

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From what I have read the Confederate flag was designed by William Thompson of Savannah, GA. He wrote the following:

"While we consider the flag which as been adopted by the senate as a very decided improvement of the old United States flag, we still think the battle flag, on a pure white field would be appropriate and handsome. Such a flag would be a suitable emblem of our young confederacy, and sustained by the brave hearts and strong arms of the south, it would soon take rank among the proudest ensigns of the nation, and be hailed by the civilized world as THE WHITE MAN'S FLAG."

This is an excerpt from an article titled: Here’s the Racist Meaning Of the Confederate Flag, In the Words of the Man Who Designed It


Former candidates and members of Congress who received campaign contributions from Holt
Todd Akin, Senate candidate in Missouri – $3,500
Michele Bachmann– $3,200
Richard Mourdock, Senate candidate in Indiana – $2,500
Mitt Romney, presidential candidate – $2,000
Chris McDaniel, Senate primary candidate in Mississippi – $2,000
Charles Djou, House candidate in Hawaii – $2,000
Josh Mandel, Senate candidate in Ohio – $1,500
Linda McMahon, Senate candidate in Connecticut – $1,500
Allen West*, representative for Florida – $1,250
Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia governor candidate – $1,000
George Allen, Senate candidate in Virginia – $1,000
Rick Berg, representative and Senate candidate for North Dakota – $1,000
Dennis Rehberg, representative and Senate candidate for Montana – $1,000
Mark Neumann, Senate candidate in Wisconsin – $1,000
Sharron Angle, Senate candidate in Nevada – $1,000
Paul Broun, representative and Senate primary candidate for Georgia – $1,000
Rob Maness, Senate primary candidate in Louisiana – $1,000
Quico Canseco, representative and House primary candidate for Texas – $750
Peter Hoekstra, representative and Senate candidate for Michigan – $500
Tom Smith, Senate candidate in Pennsylvania – $500
Dan Liljenquist, state senator and Senate primary candidate in Utah – $500
JD Hayworth, representative and Senate primary candidate for Arizona – $500
Dino Rossi, state senator and Senate candidate in Washington – $500
Philip Eby, state house primary candidate in Texas – $500
Jeff Bell, Senate candidate in New Jersey – $500
Donald Webb, House candidate in North Carolina – $500
Joe Miller, Senate primary candidate in Alaska – $500
Jim Oberweis, state senator and Senate candidate in Illinois – $500
Steve Lonegan, Senate candidate in New Jersey – $500
John Raese, Senate candidate in West Virginia – $500

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