Water & Light delivers wastewater billing surprise

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So…. The $13 “service fee” charged to rate payers will generate $2.1 million to the city in the first full year. That’s $300,000 over the $1.8 million stated budget deficit that was the reason for the charge. Does the fee sunset at that point? If not… why not?
Keeping the tax authority for a fire district that is no longer paid by the city, and continuing the “service charge” after the budget deficit has been paid off, needs some explanation!


Hurry up and vote, nothing to see here. "Despite Councilor Jessica Payne saying she was “in shock” by the numbers, there was no further discussion of the proposal and it was passed unanimously." I wonder who was kicking her under the table while she was saying that?

We are forever going to be paying for their poor budget management, leaving a $1.8 million gap as Tagup points out. We will we will be paying that forever. They were warned something like this could happen, oh well, nothing spends like other peoples money.

Lets not forget, now that the new fire district has passed, the new taxing structure will eventually hit and the city plans to set aside the current tax just long enough for us slobs to forget about it in a game of three card monte.

Don Dix

The sewer increase was exposed to this forum 3 months ago. Sounds like the council wasn't listening when they were advised (by MW&L) of consequences if the $13 fee was implemented ..... or maybe they were.


I wonder if garvin and chenoweth have a STR themselves. As a senior citizen on a fixed income the lack of housing has forced me to move out of town into a shared home as i couldn't find any affordable housing that i could afford and still be able to pay utilities and eat. Between the flippers and these short term rentals the greed is making it hard to afford to live in town.

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