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Twelve COVID-19 cases associated with Newberg baseball team outbreak

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This is outrageous! In the middle of a pandemic with masks being required and limited exposure to others being touted, off goes a bunch of kids with parental permission and supervision to a baseball tournament in Roseburg. What were they thinking? Were they thinking? Was anyone thinking?

The coach and the parents should be called into account for their lack of judgment and obvious child endangerment. There is no plausible excuse for such a trip. Sporting activities were cancelled by OSAA Sports, but these "chuckleheads" thought they knew better... And maybe that was due in part to the misnomer that COVID 19 is a disease that affects the elderly, not realizing that as the NR reported, nearly 1/3 of Oregon's cases are children. I cannot begin to express my outrage over this. Both the coach and the parents should be examined to see if they broke the law or legally endangered the children involved in this. We must not let others do the same and now is the time to send a strong message to all families.


Right on., A horrible miss-judgement.


Not I wise choice, I agree, but child endangerment is too far. Mathematically speaking, it appears the risk of death from Covid-19 to the youngest of our population is actually less than the seasonal flu. Are we going to cancel everything, permanently, as the seasonal flu is always with us? We should be extremely thankful for the low death rate among the young and healthy. We may not be so lucky with the next virus to come along (a swine flu?).


Mom & Dad, Grampa & Grandma, brothers, sisters, neighbors, Umpires, every spectator at the thought for them?....Pretty selfish.


The data appears to show transmission from child to adult is rare. The adult chaperones to other adults on the other hand...

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