By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Tourism partnership ends on sour note, blames commissioners in letter

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You vote someone in without any experience and unfortunately they will create utter chaos, just like Mary and Lindsey are doing. Quite ignorant people who say that they represent the will of the people. The only people that they represent are the few that voted them in. Next time people, everyone needs to get out and make their vote heard. These two are nothing more than pathetic ignoramuses. Maybe it's time to have a six person county commissioner system?

Spartan 3

So "Mary Starrett and Lindsay Berschauer said they were surprised by the group’s decision". Really? What planet are these two living on? You act like detached, disrespectful, know it all, queens and you can't figure why no one wants to work with you? Unqualified, unprofessional, individuals who have no clue how to provide leadership. Anyone who didn't see this coming had their head in the sand.


How about IQ tests for those aspiring to city/county positions of power?


When you’re taken by surprise on an issue, it means you haven’t done your homework.

Maybe the time spent to draft and discuss meaningless letters would be better spent on important county matters that actually benefit county business and citizens.


So much for this Board of Commissioners being "pro business". The only thing they're pro is manufactured outrage in service to their own political ambitions. Bershauer and Starrett need to go.


Starrett and Berschauer won't be happy until Yamhill County descends into the the third world vision they seem to have for us. Neither is able to see past their own talking points. Elect stupid leaders, get stupid government.


These 2 dim bulbs would rather have children riding there bikes out on 47 between Carlton and Yamhill. I guess not bothering there income base the farmers, then having the kids safe on the trail. I guess when you inherit everything you have it is easy to buy politicians.


So what's next? Posting "Tourists Go Home" signs around the county?
I feel bad for Casey. It's got to be hard being the only one who gets it.