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Their are always two sides to every issue.
It would be really cool if Mr Henderson would bring fairness and balance to his reporting by doing a follow up article that explores the views of those (like Kim Thatcher and Mike Nearman) who believe that we are a nation of laws and that their is honor in following our immigration laws. Maybe he could interview an ICE agent and tell their story of what it feels like day in and day out to be trying to uphold our nations laws while being marginalized by an entire political party. Maybe he could interview a mother who has had the social security number of her three year old daughter stolen by an illegal immigrant.
Much of the distrust that citizens feel towards the media comes from the feeling that we are often being given only one side of an issue...the side that reflects the personal views of the reporter. Their are always two sides to these contentious issues. I think our local newspaper should be balanced and unbiased. Help us readers see both sides from every angle. Only then can we make an informed decision on what is right and wrong in our community.


Joel makes a valid point in that citizens need fair and balanced information. Our Democratic Republic depends on educated voters making good fact-based decisions, and no doubt we all benefit greatly from awareness of local news and events as well. However, in my (occasionally humble) opinion, our News~Register (b)does(/b) make every effort to present solid unbiased journalism. For example: providing this reader’s forum that gives a voice to anyone who wishes to add to or correct a story, or to criticize or question the information that is published. Readers also have the opportunity to submit thoughts, opinions, and additional information through the “Letters to the Editor” weekly feature. (And I have found the N/R to be very responsive on those few occasions when I have contacted them with questions or concerns.)

With small local newspapers disappearing at an alarming rate, I remain grateful that our local publication has been tenacious and creative in their efforts to stay afloat and keep our community informed. No small accomplishment. THANK YOU!


I echo treefarmer's appreciation of News-Register. We are lucky in McMinnville to have a local newspaper. Henderson's was a report of a local panel discussion. It seemed to be a reasonable reporting of the event. Joel wants to give the reporter another major assignment. Joel can organize an local event to discussion ICE agent's stories and Mike Nearman's position. I'm sure News-Register would cover the story. It is so easy to give someone else work then criticize them for not doing it.


VERY happy to check back and find another expression of support, Mike. I am positive we speak for the majority of our fellow Yamhill County residents.

After I posted my comment I proceeded on to the Sunday Oregonian where they have published a feature today titled “Sunshine Week.” The headline is “Local journalism is dying in plain sight” and it outlines the realities of what this decline represents. I was already alarmed as I mentioned, but now my hair is on fire.

A chilling quote from the article: “Over the past 15 years, newspaper closures and consolidations have left more than 1,400 cities across the U.S. without their main source of regular local news.”

I repeat my thanks to the N/R and strongly suggest that we can all find ways to support our extremely valuable hometown newspaper. One way to do this is to give gift subscriptions. (I have done this for years and sincerely believe it is a win/win.) Another way to keep the ink flowing is to patronize the advertisers and mention that their ads are being seen and are motivating our shopping habits. (Another win/win.) We need to be proactive if we are to buck the odds and foster the continued success of such a precious resource.

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