By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Ted Lopuszynski, longtime county leader, dies at 83

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Duck believer

Ted was a true leader who knew how to form partnerships to accomplish great things for the citizens of Yamhill County. He was the consummate facilitator, and a voice of reason. He was also viewed as a great leader across the state. We've missed that leadership for many years now. Some of the present commissioners would do well to study how he lead. Thanks to Ted for his many years of service to our County, and to his family for their support as well. We miss you!


You will be dearly missed Ted. ♥️


A gem of a man.


I can still here that big, booming voice whenever he stopped by to visit, “How’s my favorite commissioner?” Ted was my mentor and friend. He set the standard for how to be a true public servant. Rest In Peace, my favorite commissioner! ❤️❤️

M. Isaac

I had the pleasure to work with Commissioner Lopuszynski and he was very considerate to those around him. He was interested in serving his country and his community. To me he epitomized what it means to be an American.


Ted was such a kind man, gracious to everyone. The people of Yamhill County always mattered more to him than “politics.” He will be missed.