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Svenson said he won't pursue gun regulation violations

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So the gist of it is that traceable gun sales through retail establishments will end on December 8, but private sales/trades between individuals may continue because the sheriff won't be enforcing the law? The article doesn't really make clear what refusal to "pursue violations" means but I can't think of another way for violations to occur if stores obey the law. Which they probably will, for liability/insurance reasons.


Bonny, so the gist of it is that citizens of the US can no longer exercise their constitutional rights and purchase a firearm, mom and pop retailers will go out of business because their sales will be shut off on the 8th, Merry Christmas. With absolutely no infrastructure in place the state knows forcing this to start 30 days after the election effectively bankrupts these businesses, they have the ability to delay until the system is in place.

I am glad to see the Sherriff sees this for what it is.

And this secret black market of sales and trades under the table is an absolute lie, come up with some new talking points.


BigfootLives, this isn't about talking points. I think this law is a half-baked knee-jerk reactionary mess and I encouraged everyone I know to vote against it. My question is sincere. I'm asking in good faith what difference it makes for the sheriff to refuse to enforce the law if businesses stop selling guns? What violators is he not pursuing, other than private sales between individuals? And how is he supposed to catch those anyway? There have always been secret under the table trades and sales, my father used to participate in them while running unrelated businesses, and he never got caught. If he were alive today, he wouldn't be asking to see a permit before selling a gun and the buyer certainly wouldn't turn him in.

Which is all to say we're on the same side on this one. Except I acknowledge the existence of illegal handgun sales. Not like an organized black market, but private people do stuff in private. And thanks to this new law, even those that would prefer to be legal and aboveboard no longer have that option.



I think that the biggest issue is being pulled over for a traffic infraction while having a "high capacity" magazine in your pistol or possession. Contrary to all of the propaganda, there is an extremely legitimate need to have the option of firing many rounds in a defensive situation. The FBI Supplementary Homicide Reports document the reality that mass shootings by a solitary perpetrator are extremely rare but murders by multiple assailants are extremely common. With all of the Antifa BLM woke mobs being allowed to riot with impunity, assaults by multiple assailants against lone or small groups of intended victims are extremely common. Ballot Measure 114 was intended to protect criminals, not victims of mass shootings.

My neighbor is the mother of a Skagit County Sheriffs Deputy who was the first victim of a mass shooter. She had expended all three magazines from her service pistol (probably a Glock 17 with 17 round magazines) while retreating to cover and had suffered multiple gun shot wounds when the perpetrator closed with her to shoot her in the head at point blanc range with his politically correct, lever action rifle. The shooter then went on a rampage to shoot and kill multiple victims because this police officer ran out of ammunition.


JWC, I'm not sure BLM is the problem here. Oath Keepers and Proud Boys are doing a lot more of the mob shootings, but that's not relevant to my point. And high capacity clips are even harder to enforce than private sales since so many people already have them and, as pointed out in this article, those are "grandfathered in". Sales/transfers of clips over 10 rounds is prohibited, but not possession, so in your traffic stop scenario the officer would have to somehow prove it was acquired after 12-8-22. I double checked that because I only have 12 round clips for one of my handguns and wanted to know how the law would affect me in that area. It very emphatically does not.

Since the law only covers gun sales in Oregon, it seems like people can just travel to bordering states for their unpermitted high magazine needs. Should be a merry Christmas for the gun sellers in Vancouver WA.



They are called "magazines," not clips.
Mhile it will remain legal to own magazines that are grandfathered in, you can only possess them on your own property or too or from a shooting range. You can not have them in your carry gun presuming that you are able to get a concealed weapon permit under the new law.
Standard pump action shotguns as well as semiautomatic shotguns with tube style magazines are also banned because it is easy to attach a magazine extension. Only break action shotguns will be allowed.

As for Antifa / BLM, you offer an opinion based on popular propaganda, not fact. FBI crime data documents that African -Americans are only 1/8 of the population of the US yet they commit well over half of all homicides and 2/3s of gun homicides. A perusal of the Supplementary Homicide Reports reveals that the vast majority of mass shootings are also committed by African-Americans.

Joel R

JWC, Good grief, no need to lecture bonny on nomenclature. They're called both "clips" and "magazines."
Also, with great respect for your deputy friend who was killed in the line of duty.... She fired 51 rounds at the perp and still didn't bring him down? It sounds like a bigger clip or more clips wouldn't have made much difference. It sounds like what she needed was more time on the practice range, more scenario practice and better tactical breathing skills.
I mean no disrespect. I'm truly sad to hear that she was killed and I am grateful for her service.


Just when I thought JWC couldn't get worse, this misrepresentation of facts comes spewing out of its mouth. You are definitely one of those white men who lectures and thinks they are smarter than everyone around them. Good Grief. And I am sure you are going to have a hell of response to this post, but man do I not care what you have to say. If only we could mute your comments and have more civil debate and thoughts on here. Lets get a seperate comment section for just you and Bigfoot lives. Now have at it JWC...



If you are going to post the same comment repeatedly, at least know what you are talking about. Here is a valuable resource:

Here is an extremely informative source for the city of Chicago:


I didn't actually know Deputy Jackson. I recall meeting her only once. I have no idea how proficient she might have been. The subject who was a chronic problem was well known to the deputy. She had a reputation for being able to talk him down.

The FBI narrative based on the investigation suggests that she was shot and severely wounded with the 0.44 Magnum carbine as the suspect opened the door. Given the location and probable severity of one of the wounds, it is a miracle that she remained ambulatory and was able to retreat much less return fire. If I had been training her, she would have known better than to open the range against an opponent who was armed with a rifle when all she had was a pistol.


"You are definitely one of those white men who..."


I purchased a subscription just for the salt. Thank you, News Register!


Why don't we just require everyone to have guns to be able to attend any concert, church, football game, shopping mall, etc?? Heck, why not require an explosive vest too for everyone? (Just in case you get captured by the bad guys). Or, how about an exploding neck collar that can be detonated by the police remotely if they feel like you're a threat? Would that make all of you feel "super safe"?

Joel R

Mr S, I was kind of surprised someone at the NR didn't delete Bleepbloop's racist comment.
Racism has no place on these discussion boards (or anywhere else). The powers that be at the NR must not be reading the comments.


Words only hurt if you have anger (if ur a child). 1st Amendment, baby. Let them say what they will and enjoy a good laugh.

@Jean as long as it's voluntary. Don't force the collar or vest on anyone--or make them pay taxes for it--and yeah, sounds good to me.

The problem is "require" -- who's gonna make me? The answer for libs is ALWAYS more daddy government. Get yo-self a huuuuuusband and u wont need big daddy gov to force anything on anyone.


Exploding collar is on a bit too tight for some of us.


Anyone care to explain why all these weirdo, wacko, freakish, maniacal shooters are men? Are they simply by their biological nature extra thin-skinned and sensitive to perceived slights?



At the risk of being sexist, I would say that it is the testosterone.


When you count 50 men--and boys--but zero women, that's not sexist; it's a fact.

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