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Surprise hospital release puts eluder on lam again

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This just get's weirder and weirder. The thing I find stunning in this article is that apparently "looking down and away" when an officer is looking at you is cause for him to follow you and look for a reason to pull you over. THAT is unsettling. This is America, right?


But on a positive note, at least no one went to the hospital and roughed up a nurse like they did out in Salt Lake City a few months ago.


This entire incident has moved into the arena of farce.


Well, clearly the deputy was correct in his analysis that the guy was sketchy......I would guess there are certain "tells" that an experienced patrol officer can recognize.....


Can you add his photo so we can be watching for him, since he escaped from the hospital without a car. Unless someone came to pick him up. Maybe the hospital needs a lock-up ER room with a guard.

Paul Daquilante

Joel2828 . . .

While I was not told this by the sheriff's office, I believe the deputy - Sean Sato - recognized Jody Bogosian, was familiar enough with his past criminal history, was aware he had been stopped the day before for driving with a suspended license that he started paying close attention to the vehicle he was driving. If you're driving on a suspended license one day and continue to drive the following day, I believe that's reason enough to be stopped.

Paul Daquilante / reporter


Thanks Paul. That helps me put it in better perspective.


That's your Mac hospital for you!!!!

Mac Native 66

First off, a deputy should have been posted guard so that the clown couldn't have gotten away. Second of all he's a habitual menace to society. He needs to be locked up and the key needs to be lost. Joel2828; your comment about Salt Lake City, has no bearing on this story and was a bad statement.


I couldn't agree more on getting this menace behind bars for the long term. However, posting a deputy by his hospital bed would potentially have been an enormous waste of my tax dollars and yours.
Sheriff's office was told he was comatose. The expectation was that he would not be released for several days, best case, allowing lots of time for monitoring and communication.
I wouldn't want three deputies taking a week off to monitor this guy's hospital bed 24-7 for 7 days, and that's what it would require. There would be no way in hell to justify that.
It's on the hospital. All the hospital had to do was pick up the phone and say, "We're about to release the fugitive you brought in. If you want him, come and get him."
Standard protocol. We should expect no less.

Bill B

"The hospital declined comment. Spokesperson Haley Rogers said federal confidentiality rules prevent the hospital from discussing aspects of patient care."

The issue is not about patient care its why the authorities were not notified. So, that's it? No accountability on the part of the hospital?

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