By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Ste. Michelle seeks mediation with neighbors

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O.K. I understand that the commissioners are bound by the present law. But I am worried what is going on since a while in our beautiful county. Haven't we learnt anything from California ? More and more of the big wineries from all over are coming in and eat up the smaller ones and then all further steps are the same : Cutting trees, using more and more of the highly needed irrigation and drinking water because they of course want to make the big money. For that they need one extension then next and more and more. When will we figure out that we need farm land and the produce for all of us. And we need drinking water. Or shall I tell my doctor...sorry Doc...I have a bottle of great Pinot every day because there is not enough drinking water I can afford ? And yes...I know...we will have some more people employed and we will get more tasting rooms to satisfy the tourists. All that I know but where is the limit ???


GRM ,what is your question,look around you ,the traffic is now a nightmare,a opportunity
exits,and people take advantage of it.This is just the very beginning.

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