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State, tribe weigh in on flag issue

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Methinks this was unnecessarily politicized from the start. Why did this proposal have to be presented like some big affair of state? Maybe this is some super-sensitive issue I'm not aware of, but since when do the Superintendent and the Board busy themselves with the decoration of the high school gym? A quiet talk with the principal, and the tribe should have had its (in my opinion quite appropriate) flag on the wall.


It's my opinion that, the official flags of the United States of America and the State of Oregon should suffice. Inclusion of the flag representing the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde may cause children to view the flag as conferring elevated social status upon native American children.


The flag should stay,in fact it should be in every school in Oregon,stop lying to the children,the american flag is Not the single most important flag,Tribal flags should be in every School,Federal Building and State Building,teach the children what happened to these first nation people and why they have Reservations!They deserve to be recognized even if just with a flag in a School!


Sure, paleface, we wouldn't want Native American children to believe they mean anything. They have, after all, been the recipients of our many kindnesses for over three centuries--think how fun it was in winter to receive the thick blankets infected with smallpox.


Lulu, that what not at all what I'd opined. Children today have never experienced the extreme cruelties that their ancestor's were forced to endure. Times of changed most definitely, for all of us, if not especially so for the local N-A population. And that's a good thing.


What an appalling remark.


"--think how fun it was in winter to receive the thick blankets infected with smallpox"

"What an appalling remark" to make Lulu!

Recite one case with any type of supporting documentation in local history where any member of a local tribe was given any blanket infected with small pox.


During the Seminole Wars (1816-1858).


Sorry Lulu,
1. Pure fiction, Never happened.
2. Seminoles are a long way from local.


Oh, for God's sake--I'm speaking of all the tribes, from the first Thanksgiving forward.


And I'm telling you Lulu that you are spouting misinformation, fabrications, and being dishonest when you state Small Pox via infected blankets was ever inflicted upon any Native American Tribe in any part of the North American continent that became the United States of America, before, during or after the first Thanksgiving!

Put in plain easy to understand terms, " it was in winter to receive the thick blankets infected with smallpox." Never happened and is a lie!


Seems to me that this whole issue is backward. We should be asking the tribe if we can fly the American and State flag. However, its too late for that.

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