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David S. Wall

Mr. Stapilus...My sincerest 'Thank-you' for your research and bringing Data Miners' and Data Brokers' antics into the light.

For 'book-keeping' purposes only, [HB 4017A (Regular Session 2022)] was on the House Business and Labor Committee Agenda for [02.02.22].

And... [HB 4017A (2022)] died an ignominious death and is buried into the black-hole at Ways and Means.

Your article has provided a much needed peek into the dark world of personal data mining-its' ongoing uses and misuses by Data Brokers.

Personally, Data Brokerages should be outlawed.

As you correctly stated, "...sharper fangs..." are needed.

Outstanding work! You have done a great public service with your investigative prose and prowess.

David S. Wall