By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Sheriff to reorganize jail in response to shortfall

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More fiscal mismanagement by the commissioners and county administrator. Waste money on frivolous lawsuits, political agendas, overpriced and unnecessary computer software, then look the Sheriff in the eye and tell him he has to cut law enforcement. The political rhetoric from these commissioners is that they support law enforcement, but the reality is that they don't think far enough ahead to adequately fund it. The County administrator (budget officer) should have been shouting with a bullhorn that they were being fiscally irresponsible - but he's silent while drawing his insanely bloated salary. These people have no clue how to govern responsibly. BTW, this is not the Sheriff's fault. He has to live with what they allocate to him. Tim Svenson is a great Sheriff.

Joel R

I've met the Sheriff and spent a little personal time with him (and no, I haven't ever been lodged in his hotel adjacent to the courthouse). I can tell you he's a great guy. He'll figure a way through all this. We're truly fortunate to have him as captain of the ship.
Message to County: Give him the money he needs!!!


Maybe it's time little Mary Starrett and her cronies help out at the jail since they don't want to fund it. Let them guard those that are there! After one night, I imagine that the money will suddenly appear....


The fact that this was the headline in the same issue as my editorial about the Commissioners giving away $12-14 Million dollars to Hampton Mills really illustrates the actual cost to county residents of this decision. When they approved the budget, THEY KNEW that they were also planning to cut county tax revenues by about $1M/year, and they still told the Sheriff he had to cut Jail staff.

Anyone who has paid attention for the last few years will know that this decision could have MUCH larger implications, too-- it hasn't been that long since the County had to pay $5 million in a lawsuit that stemmed from insufficient staff in the Jail.


WOW! These County Commissioners are doing an extremely poor job at fulfilling their mandated responsibilities. Quite shameful.


How sad that we can't properly fund even public safety. And the BOC thinks this is responsible? Fiscal responsibility requires planning and forethought. It means keeping taxes as low as possible WHILE STILL PROVIDING QUALITY SERVICES. Understaffed police, crumbling buildings, inadequate mental health and unsafe parks is NOT that.

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