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Sheriff’s office warns of ‘body boxing’ trend

There is a popular trend at this time on TikTok called “Body Boxing,” according to the sheriff’s office.

An individual or individuals will surprise another student and assault them while the incident is being recorded and then uploaded to the social media site and shared.

The trend sometimes involves students assaulting their friends and fellow students with whom they might have disagreed or had a problem.

The sheriff’s office and juvenile department take these incidents seriously. Criminal behavior will be addressed by each.

The sheriff’s office suggests that parents should talk to their children and their friends, in addition to school staff, if they learn of an alarming incident.

The far-reaching impacts of youth being assaulted, and in some cases humiliated, and then having that shared and re-shared many times takes a significant toll on a student’s well-being and mental health, according to the sheriff’s office.



Ban Chinese Tik Tok


Gee, I wonder why enrollment in McMinnville School District is down.


What Peacock said.

It was true when I was a kid, and it's true now. The best thing for a bully is a bloody nose. I wish I had taken that advice more often as a kid.

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