By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Sheridan father of four dies of COVID-19-related causes

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Why would the Hospital turn him away??? This does not make sense!!

Bill B

Agree, was the medical center asked for a response and/or confirm?


Bufordthe1st this is exactly the reason I drive past WVMC on my way to Providence in Newberg. Unless somebody is bleeding out and I can't make it to the Newberg ER I refuse to stop at WVMC.


I’m confused....why is this a Covid related death if his test came negative?

Bill B

Did you miss this part Tagup; "“ The death certificate listed COVID-19 disease or SARS-CoV-2, as a cause of death or as a significant condition that contributed to his death,”


That was the basis of my question...guess Mr Pannell should get all his employees re- tested after a false negative....


Good morning to alll,Im Matthews stepdad Mike,I wish that someone had let me know they where gonna have a story on my son ,the bad thing about this whole thing is my son was sick taken to the er and released 2.5 hrs later, he had clear lungs and, no cough, he had a high fever,Matthew had been vomiting and diarrhea and severe abdominal pain,I'lll be honest it just don’t make sense.Matthew was as heathly as a ox, please all I want is the people to know this is serious virus, if it is true my son was taken in 3days,we all better work together to protect each other and family and friends.god bless ,Mike

Nicole Montesano

Mike, I'm so sorry I wasn't able to reach you before this story, but we're still writing. Please feel free to call me: 503-687-1231, or e-mail, If I talk to you by noon today, I can include your comments in tomorrow's print edition.


Mike, I’m sorry for your loss.....I can’t imagine greater pain than losing a child in the prime of his life. ...I would also like to commend you on having the strength to come forward and offer a warning so others could avoid the pain you now have. It clearly shows the type of man you are.
I wish you peace.....


tagup,thank you so much for your response.i will have peace when i understand how this happened in 3 days, may he rest in peace knowing im gonna do whatever it takes to find the truth and spread the seriousness of this virus.god bless to all


The outcry against WVMC is not uncommon. Their ways and practices are guided by one principle, in that they are one of only two "for profit" hospitals in Oregon. It is difficult to exercise compassion when you are always concerned about the bottomline. TTT is right if it is an option for you to drive to Newberg and a nonprofit like Providence.


Mike, I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for talking about the dangers of this virus and how we all need to look out for one another and stay safe. What a wonderful way to honor your son. Members of this great community will be keeping you and your family in their prayers and sending wishes for peace as you cope with this tragedy.


Hibb, your comment that WVMC's practices and principals are guided only by their designation as a "for profit hospital" is sad. The 600 employees of WVMC are some of the most caring, remarkable people living in this community and their "northstar" is quality patient care and service to each other and the community. These people are your neighbors, your kids baseball coaches, community service leaders. To act as though the hospital is just a greedy, vile place is wrong. Go check charity care write offs, or how about property taxes based on that status that directly impact our community. Things like schools and public services are paid for with those dollars. Not for profits don't pay those things. I for one am thankful to have WVMC in our community!

Jeb Bladine

Thanks, Dadof4, for those comments.

We see too many one-dimensional complaints about WVMC based on its business-organization status. Whatever situations might warrant constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement of the hospital, I hope you keep reminding people of your accurate description of WVMC.

I do have to say, however, that WVMC and many other private and public institutions damage themselves unnecessarily in the name of privacy. Those following too-strict interpretations of HIPPA and other privacy policies often ignore that damage by making it seem they are protecting themselves rather than someone else. Why shouldn't WVMC engage this family ... gain (if necessary) written permission to talk about the case ... and work together with the victim's survivors to help the public get accurate and meaningful information to help us all better understand this pandemic?

We feel the same about public health authorities who hide important information out of unwarranted fear of violating privacy; about law enforcement declining access to its records; about government withholding important information about how people perform public duties; to mention a few other examples.

WVMC is an important local institution with hundreds of employees and health professionals who make a real difference in our community. They probably could do a better job of communicating when it comes to difficult stories such as this one.


Open communication from WVMC would be good for protecting community members in the middle of a pandemic. However, if malpractice was involved (the autopsy the family elected to pay for may provide clues) all of the information will come to light in the court case. We may learn important details that could have kept us safer now, but years in the future.


Well...maybe....Medical malpractice is generally a civil case rather than criminal, and would likely be settled before trial.....and details of settlements are almost always confidential.....

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