By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Second hazelnut processor closing; Firestone responds about liens

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Mr Firestone thinks he explained away his woes by tying his plight to HGO’s. There a big difference, HGO growers will get their reasonable market rate premiums.

“Poundage” 😬


“…..wild accusations?” SERIOUSLY?? Obviously unfounded hyperbole may suit the political agenda but grossly mischaracterizing Mr. King’s comments does not alter the facts in any way. $800,000 in liens (including those from Mr. Firestone’s own parents) speaks for itself, while Ms. Berschauer’s silence continues to speak volumes as well. The justifications raised by her designated advocate are disingenuous, transparently self-serving, and convey only an insult to intelligence.

It does look as though we are in for a run-off in the Commissioner’s race but Bubba earned a comfortable majority in the primary and there is every indication that we, his supporters, will redouble our efforts to make sure he will be elected in November. The citizens of Yamhill County deserve ethical representation and we are willing to fight for it.


aim... the biggest difference between the two situations is HGO was greatly subsidized by Wilco. If Firestone had had that advantage, their growers may well have received their bonuses.


That’s exactly the point. Just because the Firestones are out of money doesn’t mean they don’t owe equitable bonuses to the growers, hence the potential legitimacy for the liens.


I'm getting a strong "these aren't the droids you're looking for" kind of vibe from his explanation.

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