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Seat belt enforcement becomes top priority

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john fritter

"The most recent statewide observation surveys indicate 98 percent of Oregon motorists utilize seat belts or child safety seats." I wonder how much it's going to cost to try and give tickets to an estimated 2% of Oregon motorists?


I agree. This project is a waste of money.


I would rather see this money go towards arresting and incarcerating people who drive drunk or stoned. No seatbelts? They kill themselves or their child. Drunk/stoned? They kill You and your child.


What was it they said back when the seat belt law was enacted? "Welcome to Oregon: fasten your seat belt, wear your helmet and kiss your freedom goodbye."

Although I accept that seat belts save lives, it does seem they could find a better way to spend these public dollars.

Don Dix

Well, you know if ODOT is involved, the whole process is more likely to be a "big cluster----' anyway! They need to go back to holding their shovels up with their armpit and let law enforcement agencies decide how best to spend the money!


I like the one where the pedestrian spends the entire day crossing the street in Yamhill.