By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

School union critic appointed to Newberg board

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Joel R

Twitter brings out the worst in all of us and destroys everything good in life and society.


Peregrino de Brito's children are in private school, not in the NDSD - and her anti LGBTQ beliefs are well documented. Rilee has no place on that, or any, public board - his (since cleaned-up) social media presence is openly hostile to differing views, aggressive, demeaning and overtly political (but it's OK beacuse he's "joking"...?) None of the board directors have children in the district - they, and the new superintendent, are there for one reason: to politicize public education. This board's decisions are not driven by data or truth, they use emotional and false narratives with the intention of stirring up the citizenry, and in support of burning it all down for the sake of ideology. It's an old ploy, complain how a governing body never works, then get in seats of power and make sure it never works - and it's clearly harming the community and the district's ability to function. It would be a breath of fresh air, and a literal life saver for some kids, to see the education and well being of every child in the district's care as a priority instead of the board's politics. Elections can't come fast enough.


Rilee most assuredly personifies every nasty, petty and smug trait he denies.


Ms Montesano, your articles are so one-sided it is not even funny. Have you always been a liberal based "journalist"?


"Liberal" appears to be in the eye of the beholder.


It is very clear to me, someone who has been listening to & watching the Newberg School Board meetings for a few years, that vice chair Shannon has an agenda of fear & hate, and is using chair Brown to accomplish the spread of his hate & fear. 2023 will be a year we can get qualified people on the board who truly know what they are doing & can lead this district back to a place where ALL children are considered valuable and worthy to learn in a safe environment.

The current board members are all woefully unqualified to be on a board. When they chose Ron Rilee and Shelly Kolb over someone with years of educational board experience, you know that these people are not qualified to lead a school board, let alone a school district.

Wake up, voters! You can change the course of direction by educating yourself and voting next May for people who actually know something about education.

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