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Runoff even more likely in commissioner race

Wednesday late afternoon election returns made it even more likely that David "Bubba" King and incumbent Lindsay Berschauer will have a November runoff for election to the Yamhill County Commission.

King, who last week fell below the 50% majority required to win the race outright, held a 1,247-vote lead over Berschauer Wednesday, 14,280 to 13,033, but his share of total votes cast had slipped slightly to 49.651% compared to Berschauer's 45.315%. David Wall had 1,412 votes for 4.909%, and write-in votes numbered 36 for 0.221%.

County Clerk Keri Hinton said last week that the county had received more than 400 ballots in the mail on Wednesday and nearly that many on Thursday.

“We have never received that many before, after an election,” Hinton told the News-Register. Ballots postmarked by May 21 were accepted so long as they arrived within seven days of the election.

In addition, more ballots may need to be tallied as voters whose signatures were rejected go into the clerk's office to “cure” those issues. They have until June 11, Hinton said.

Election officials tallied 906 votes in the commissioner race on Wednesday, including 435 for Berschauer and 421 for King.

After nearly 20,000 votes were counted on election day, King held 50.91% to 43.59% lead over Berschauer. However, the incumbent came out slightly ahead in all but one subsequent vote counts, steadily closing the percentage gap.







Bill B

Have they stopped counting?


Thanks a lot, David Wall.


Hoping that David Wall encourages his supporters to shift all their support to David Bubba King.

County native

Well this is interesting. There is a cash contribution of $10,000 made to Berschauer's campaign the day before the primary election from a company named Golden Tree, Inc. The address of this "company" just happens to be Kathy George's home on Ribbon Ridge Road. The George family still trying to buy the election under a fictitious name. I thought Berschauer was the one crying about people trying to hide their identity with campaign contributions paid under a fake name. The corruption needs to end, NOW!


Golden Tree Inc was started by Larry George. It was originally called George Advertising. Just another example of the George family shell game, what a corrupt batch of creeps!


Everyone knows the George family owns Lindsay, she does not represent ”every Yamhill county resident”.

Jeb Bladine

Golden Tree, Inc. was incorporated by Larry George in 2004 as George Advertising, Inc., providing services to Republican/Conservative candidates, ballot measures and political action groups. From 2006 to 2009, state campaign reports show $3.5 million in political expenditures going to the business. The George company was renamed Golden Tree, Inc. in 2011 with a change of purpose to agricultural activities and farming production. Since then, state records show its political contributions of $73,000, with its only contribution to Lindsay Berschauer campaigns being $10,000 this year. It is possible that political recipients of Golden Tree contributions subsequently supported Berschauer campaigns, as have other George family individuals and business holdings.

Local Yokel

County Native, check out the state treasury website and see the difference in money raised and money spent between the two campaigns. It is entirely up to date, including the $10k donation. Pretty interesting.

County native

Oh, I get it. So, the George's can have a "shell" (aka fake) company that people can give money to without any requirement to report it to the Secretary of State's office. Then this fake company can write a large check (in this case $10,000) to Berschauer and like magic all those who paid money to Golden Tree, Inc. can see their money get funneled through to Berschauer from an "agricultural activities and farming production" company. Seems like the IRS would be interested in this activity doesn't it?

Local Yokel

County Native, Yes, The IRS would definitely love for you to break this news to them!! Congratulations on your groundbreaking discovery!!!


Sarcasm is neither effective nor persuasive when challenging facts and logic.
(Just sayin’.)


Sarcasm emoji. Nutella emoji. Dollar bill emoji. Fake Christianity emoji.


Excuse me Jeb, you stated that Golden Tree has only made one contribution to LB, you are wrong. On 4/22/2020 Northwest Hazelnut, George Packing Company, and Golden Tree each donated $1,500 to LB according to the Secretary of State’s website. The site had been down for maintenance over the weekend until today, I would have called you out when you posted your comment Friday, but I needed to get my ducks in a row first.

Jeb Bladine


The comment was intended to say the $10,000 was the only campaign contribution to Lindsay Berschauer this year. However, I mis-typed it to say it was "only contribution to Lindsay Berschauer campaigns being $10,000 this year." Thank you for correcting that error, noting that Golden Tree gave a donation to the Berschauer campaign in 2020.
s only contribution to Lindsay Berschauer campaigns being $10,000 this year. I

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