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'Right place, right time'

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See ... they have problems with criminals who’s last name is not Smith in California , too .... When will the sanctuary lovers ever admit the stupidity of allowing unabated illegal immigration? We get what we pay for due to Democrat stupidity! Remember Parker !!


May I ask gregtompkins how he knows the man with an Hispanic name is an illegal alien?


What an amazing and wonderful story, thank you for sharing! Thankful for the child's safety and the Ashcroft's courage.


Jane, I don’t know and the Democrats have made it impossible to even find out! Pretty soon it will probably be considered a hate crime or some asinine thing to even ask ? Just like banning ICE from courts.


Amazing...Way to keep your cool and stay safe!!

Christmas has Talons

Thank you Al what a blessing you are. There are so few real men anymore it's so nice to see one who would protect women and children.

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