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Retailers respond to vaping ban

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So crack down on the KIDS! Crack down on the adults that contribute to the kids!!! Leave us tooty fruity vape juice lovers alone!! The illnesses have been all from THC in their cartridges.


Stop pressing the "children" button. It's already known what's causing the few illnesses and deaths that have occurred.


The cause is still not completely nailed. Not all THC cartridges

"FDA has received 300 samples from vaping-related injury patients and tested 150. About 70 percent are products containing THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, and about half of those contain vitamin E oil, which Sharpless said" That means 30% of the products did not contain THC.

Vitamin E oil looks to be one of the culprits.

"A plan for stricter regulations materialized Sept. 11, as Health and Human Services Alex Azar announced at a White House gathering with the president and other top officials that the FDA is working to outlaw most flavored vaping products. The policy, which would upend the e-cigarette market, will be finalized in a few weeks and then go into effect 30 days later, he said. The restrictions would be lifted only for products that the FDA approves."
Tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes will not be affected, officials said."

Oh no, the FDA, the White House is looking to outlaw most flavored e-cigs.

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